Gorgeous Yoni Cushions / Vulva Pillow
The Gorgeous Yoni Cushion can be used to tell stories of creation, initiation, wonder, renewal, love and healing.

Yoni is Sanskrit for ‘Sacred Temple’. It not only translates as ‘vulva and vagina’ but also ‘place of birth, source, origin, spring, fountain, place of rest, repository, receptacle, seat, abode, home, lair, nest, stable’

These cushion is dedicated to Mati-Syra-Zemlya- Swiss Goddess of the land,
or ‘Moist Mother’. She is symbolic of honesty, community and integrity. She is £140yoni 052015

The Gorgeous Yoni Cushion was born on June 1st 2005 at a tribal Menarche Ceremony in Dorset! It was passed around a circle of 200 or so women who held the cushion and spoke 3 words to describe their bleeding and their yoni. Young girls caressed its softness and women held its warmth to their wombs as it went around the circle.

The Yoni Cushion connects us to the ancient power of the Goddess Baubo: There is a powerful saying: ‘Dice entre las piernas’, or ‘She speaks from between her legs.” These little ‘between the legs’ stories are found all over the world. Baubo, the name of the ancient goddess from Greece, has older names such as Iambe, and it appears the Greeks borrowed her from far older cultures. There have been archetypal wild Goddesses of sacred sexuality and life/death/life fertility since the beginning of memory. (passage by Clarissa Pinkola Estes) In Greek mythology, Baubo was a female clown who managed to draw laughter from the Goddess Demeter when she was hiding away and withholding the gift of fertility from the world.

We all came from the Gorgeous Yoni and we all have a story to share.

The Gorgeous Yoni Cushion is explicitly detailed and hand-made using silks, cottons, satins and velvets, and stuffed with raw sheep’s wool. All are adorned with beading and gems. Each one is infused with fragrant flowers and herbs and signed and dated by the artist.
The Gorgeous Yoni Cushion is a work of art!

This cushion is dedicated to Mary Magdalene
She represents the feminine flame of Christ consciousness. She is £200

How To Order

If you would like to have your yoni cushion prices range from £100+. The Yoni Cushions shown here are a guide. You can order one similar or request particular colours, materials, special adornments and a goddess name. A deposit of half the amount will be required with your order.

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It can take up to 6 weeks for a cushion to be made; I make them in tune with my cycle, so I often begin a cushion while in my dark moon phase, sitting and invoking a goddess and dreaming the design, sewing and making whilst in my maiden week,  beads maybe strung and sewn in my “mother” (ovulation) time, premenstrually I take some time out from projects and then when my moontime comes around again I give thanks and ask the Great Mother if any more is to be added to the design, cushions are mostly completed in my Mother week- birthing the fullness and beauty of the cushion for its owner.

What do women use their Yoni Cushions for?

* To decorate their altar space
* As a ‘talking yoni’ in their women’s groups
* As a peice of Art! Frames can be ordered to hang your Yoni on the wall.
* To have on their bed.
* and of course…Women can use the Yoni Cushion to show her lover how and where she loves to be touched, men use it to open communication and improve their sexual prowess. Men buy Yoni Cushions for that special woman in their life as a way of honoring her. This usually leads to deeper intimacy and discussions on new erogenous zones and increased sexual satisfaction.

Some examples of Yoni Cushions

This cushion is dedicated to Sheela-Na-Gig- Goddess of ancient Ireland.
She is the Goddess of Sexual power, Passion and the Divine Feminine. She is £150

“Dear Rachael, thank you so much for my wondrous cushion, it’s FANTASTIC! I LOVE IT!” Carolyn, Devon








This cushion is totally vegan with fake fur fabric around the outside and stuffed with polyester stuffing….it was commissioned by a vegan! £100










This cushion is dedicated to Xochiquetzal – An Aztec Goddess from Mexico
Her name means “Precious Flower” and she is the Goddess of Love and Beauty.
She is £200

This cushion is dedicated to Maeve –
Irish Goddess who could bring men in to the heat of desire with a mere look! She is £180












This cushion is dedicated to Athena Greek Goddess of Wisdom.
She is £140












This cushion is dedicated to the Goddess Aherah-health, wisdom, and divination are her trademarks. She is £150

This cushion is dedicated to the Goddess Auchimalgen-
a South American, specifically Chile, Goddess of the Moon. She is £140

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Yoni Cushion hung for a Red Tent Gathering in Herefordshire