Red Tent Day

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Calling all women young and old!

Red Tent Day

Sunday 4th May 11-4pm drop in any time

Boiling Wells Project, St Werburghs







Why have a red tent day? To create a sense of fun around menstruation, to encourage women to take charge of their menstrual and reproductive health, to create greater visibility of menstruation, to enhance honesty about menstruation in our relationships…

Join us as we connect with women world wide who are putting up red tents and moon lodges to honour our womanhood and our cycles and access support in healthy choices around contraception, bleeding and birth.

Bring books, altar items, candles, herb teas, food to share, wear red! There will be a red tent/moon lodge space to sit, be, talk, ask questions, share stories….the day will end with a simple ceremony.

Some therapies will be happening in the barn (for a small donation) and we will be joined in the Red Tent by some Women’s Health Advocates; Nicho Wooding trainee midwife, Anita Bennet– intelligent contraception and infertility, Dominique Sakoilsky– menstruation and birth, Angela Bosanquet local herbalist


Celebrating as part of ‘Menstrual Monday’…an initiative started a few years ago in the US. Hosted by Rachael Hertogs, creator of Moon Times washable pads and facilitator of Wise Women’s Workshops.

for more information , to help out or offer therapies contact Rachael

For info on Moon Times Pads see

Red Tent Day Programme of events:

Sunday 4th May 11-4pm

11 am decorating the moon lodge


12pm joined by Nicho Woodingtrainee midwife  offering a space to share about choices about ante natal care in the NHS

12pm herb walk with Angela Bosanquet- local herbalist

1pm joined by Anita Bennet-offering a space to share about intelligent contraception and infertility

2pm joined by Dominique Sakoilsky offering a space to share about menstruation and birth

3pm quiet time in the Red Tent

3.45pm closing ceremony

Therapies will be happening throughout the day in the barn


Suggested donation of £5 for tasters and £10 for half hour treatments


Alexander Technique, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Massage, Healthy Eating and more…