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Sharing a beautiful description of a Red Tent group written by Brigid Brightfire
We create a space, with beautiful objects, fabrics, flowers, floor cushions, rose incense, a special pampering haven. I sometimes make a red carpet out of fabric, to make people feel special as they arrive. Welcome women with open arms, share drinks, foods, chat. Bring together in a circle with an opening song. We sing ‘Blood of the Ancients’. We remember our female line, by introducing ourselves ‘I am Brigid, daughter of Margot, daughter of Florence, etc, (as far back as we know) The room is usually dimmed to start and we go round the circle, each women taking a turn to light a candle to honor a woman/women who have inspired us, supported us, loved us, taught us, or sometimes we honor ourselves. This is done either to the group, or privately. The candles light the room. We spend sometime in inner reflection. As we hold our red tent on a dark moon, we write on a card what we would like to release from our lives, and let go of this month. We go around the circle, some people sharing what they`ve written. The cards are later burnt on the fire. This process always leads to common themes, and open discussions, as we share experiences. Sometime women cry, as they let go. There is always support, as there are always women who can empathize based on their own life experience. We might sing a chant like ‘A River is Flowing’, or ‘Mother I feel you under my feet’. There is a time of breathing out before we look forward to the new moon, and write down our positive intentions, changes we plan to make for the month ahead. We share these with the group, which again leads to open discussion. A lot of the themes are about self development, and giving ourselves the time to look at how we are, and how we move forward with renewed strength and courage. The evening flows on, and we end with a song like ‘Evening Breeze, Spirit Song’. On the last red tent we decided to buy a mirror, as I had just seen a heart shaped mirror with red mosaic surround, and this month we are going to use the mirror in the circle to really look at ourselves – and hopefully give ourselves some love and support, drawing on our inner resources.

[guest blog] Listen to the Beat Within

RachadminGuest Writings, Menarche, Menstrual Health

Read this beautiful blog post from Jo Macdonald– the creative director and founder of The Red Box Company which aims to make periods, and puberty, something for girls to celebrate through education, workshops and my first Period celebration Red Boxes.

Here’s where you can find Jo:

Website: www.theredboxcompany.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/redboxcompany
Twitter: www.twitter.com/redboxcompany

Happy V Day!


‎”The shape we call a heart – whose symmetry resembles the vulva far more than the asymmetry of the organ that shares its name – is probably a residual female genital symbol. It was reduced from power to romance by centuries of male dominance.”
– Gloria Steinem, foreword to The Vagina Monologues


Photo by Izumi Omori www.izumiomori.co.uk