Gifts to celebrate a first period!

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If you have wondered what to buy the young woman in your life – take a look at the Moon Times Moon Maiden Menarche Celebration Kit
Designed for young women new to menstruation. Celebrate the rites of passage by sharing this wonderful gift with the special young women in your life.

1 calico drawstring pad bag
1 Moon Times cloth patterned pad with 2 organic cotton inserts
1 Moon Times cloth panty liner pad (patterned fabric may vary from picture)
Moon Phase Calendar to help you chart your cycle against the phases of the moon
’Celebrating Menarche’ booklet
1 box of Moon Cycle Tea
pack of affirmation cards
10 ml lavender oil- great for relaxation
over £50 worth of goodies 🙂

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[guest blog] Disposable or Eco-friendly Menstruation

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Disposable or Eco-friendly Menstruation
By Jing J.
disposable-menstruation-landfillsRecently I did an online poll asking, “What do you use for your menstrual flow?” 42 people participated. Among them, 64% use disposable pads, 29% use tampons, 5% use menstrual cups, and none use reusable pads. So it seems the 95-5 percent rule prevails here: 95% disposable and 5% eco-friendly.I was a little surprised at the result, initially, because I was expecting at least some representation in the reusable pad category. But after some thought, it’s not really that surprising.After all, it’s only recently that I myself have learned the following facts and switched to reusable pads – and a more eco-friendly menstruation.

  • 12 billion pads and 7 million tampons pollute landfills annually in the US.
  • An average woman throws away 250 to 300 pounds of tampons, pads and applicators in her lifetime. The great majority of these products end up in landfills, or as something sewage treatment plants must deal with.
  • In a woman’s lifetime, she is likely to use 15,000 sanitary pads or tampons. And there are 85 million women of menstruating age in North America.
  • So do the math! This will amount to a whopping 1.275 trillion disposable pads and tampons (weighing 12.75 million tons) from all the menstruating women in North America alone. And sadly, all this waste has found or will find its way to our landfills.
  • Let’s forget about the environment for a second and just look at the economics. Let’s say that an average pad or tampon costs about 20 cents. This means you’ll probably spend about $3,125.00 on disposable pads and/or tampons during your entire menstrual history.

This may not seem like a lot if you’re relatively well off. And perhaps this is one of the reasons why most of us are still using disposables, despite their extremely high environmental costs. But I for one could find more fun and constructive uses for $3,125.00.

Other possible explanations?

We’re highly influenced by a disposable culture for the most part. The costs of production have been driven to historical lows thanks to the technological advancement and the advent of mass production. Why keep it? It’s so cheap anyway. Just use it and throw it away!

Also, the environmental costs are, for the most part, invisible to us. It’s so difficult to know what the environmental costs actually are that we just don’t think about it, not that much any way.

But this is changing, and thank God for it! More and more people are becoming aware of the hidden costs and heavy footprints we’re leaving on this planet, and they’re doing something about it.

I admit I’m a late boomer in this regard. I’ve been using disposable pads for 20 something years. It only occurred to me recently that I needed to make a change. But it’s never too late to make a difference, to do your part, taking care of yourself and the beautiful planet we live on.

Any thoughts?

A poem


Time of the month

Red Dark Sticky Tacky

Blood Bleeding Stench Swollen

Vulva Womb Pain Contracting

Tearing Flesh Ripping Inside

Deep Trickle Heavy Flow

Plug Stop Ignore No

Listen Calling Tired Slow

Rest Renew Cycle Begin again

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Recommended Books for menarche

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as listed in ‘Menarche a Journey into Womanhood’ by Rachael Hertogs.
The Seven Sacred Rites of Menarche: The Spiritual Journey of the Adolescent Girl
by Kristi Meisenbach Boylan
The vast majority of books on menarche-the first menstrual cycle-do not address its effect on a young girl’s spiritual journey from maidenhood to womanhood. This book outlines the seven rituals, or stepping-stones, that a young woman faces on her voyage, marking her way through adolescence. These stepping-stones lead her from the childhood years to the childbearing years and draw attention to a young woman’s changing spirit. Included are ideas for creating rites of passage, celebrations, and positive rituals for both mothers and daughters to share during this challenging and amazing time of growth.

Daughters of the Moon, Sisters of the Sun: Young Women and Mentors on the Transition to Womanhood by K. Wind Hughes,
Twenty-one young women share life lessons, coming-of-age stories, and interviews with the remarkable women who influenced their growth.

A Toolbox for Our Daughters: Building Strength, Confidence and Integrity by Annette Geffert, Diane Brown
Sensible real life strategies to build a girls self esteem. It provides useful exercises for helping girls grow in their relationships with others, with their own inner lives and with our endangered world.

Celebrating Girls: Nurturing and Empowering Our Daughters by Virginia Beane Rutter
As girls grow up they may face many different dilemmas such as pregnancy at a young age or loss of self-esteem. This book offers practical tips to parents and other carers on how to support girls from infancy to adolescence, each chapter focusing on a different stage in a girl’s development.

Say What You Mean, Get What You Want by Tricia Kreitman,
Explaining to young people how to make a stand and assert themselves, this advice book deals with how to judge and evaluate situations and relationships, and how to develop negotiating skills. Each chapter is illustrated and explained with letters and accounts from real teenagers.

Soul Searching-A girls guide to finding herself by Sarah Stillman
Written by a 16yr old girl- she gives advice for discovering what is really important in life, covering topics such as managing stress, finding inner peace, exploring dreams, and cultivating a meaningful life.

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Periods (But Didn’t Like to Ask) by Charlotte Owen
Based on current research and endorsed by the Brook Advisory Centre, this book covers everything a girl needs to know about periods. Written by the agony aunt of “19” magazine, it contains practical information and real-life quotes. It also includes a list of useful addresses.

Have You Started Yet? Getting the Facts Straight Ruth Thompson.
Starting to have periods is something all girls face. This book explains exactly what periods are, why they happen, and how they will affect you; asking all the questions and giving all the answers simply and openly, with plenty of practical advice

Wild Girls: The Path of the Young Goddess Patricia Monaghan
Maiden, mother, crone; of the three faces of the goddess, the maiden corresponds to the part of a woman’s soul that is always questing, exploring, and free to move. The stories in this book represent some of the many visions of the “Wild Girl” throughout the world, each is followed by commentary and activities, such as building an altar, creating healing rituals, and working with dreams

Don’t Give It Away! by Iyanla Vanzant
A workbook in which teenage girls can explore their thoughts and feelings about the things most important to them: family, friends, body image and love life.

Moon Mother Moon Daughter by Janet Lucy and Terri Allison
A book for mothers who, rather than alienate their teenage daughters, want to form a deeper connection with them. Rooted in lunar cycles and mythology, each of the chapters uses a goddess and lunar myth as its basis, exploring traditions associated with the coming of age period. Each chapter includes activities for mothers and daughters to do together as well as a comprehensive resource and further readings section.

Power Thoughts for Teens by Louise L. Hay
Louise Hay has assisted many people in discovering and using the full potential of their own creative powers for personal growth and self-healing. She contends that affirmations are powerful tools and encourages people to use them to expedite their personal growth process.

The Red Tent by Anita Diamant-
This book is a firm favourite of mine and is an epic celebration of womanhood, written for women everywhere, regardless of their status, creed or colour. It is the story of a woman whose life was blessed by great love and torn by tragedy, of the lessons she learned through her own experiences and those of the women, and men, whose lives she touched. The red tent is the place where women gathered during their cycles of birthing, menses and even illness.

Getting Real About Growing Up by Amrita Hobbs
This is a resource book for life. It speaks directly to the teenager and the young adult. It is also a resource for parents and anyone working with youth. It communicates hauntingly to the teenager in every adult. it is full of practical suggestions and things to do. Teen Speak, anecdotes and stories make Getting Real… about growing up! enriching and spiritually uplifting. Stories are a great way of communicating a point and make it easier to understand and empathise when written in such language. Teen Speak is an integral part of the book. It’s great to hear the opinion of other young people. The style is diverse and effective. It inspires every reader to move beyond some of the limitations imposed on them from outside authority, their family background and the overcoming of childhood hurts. This book encourages readers to find their own uniqueness and express themselves in a powerful and effective way from a loving heart.

The Thundering Years: Rituals and Sacred Wisdom for Teens  by Julie Tallard Johnson
Shows teens how to harness the intense emotions and drives of the late-teen years using wisdom from cultures around the world. Includes exercises, personal and community rituals, and resources that show how to successfully navigate the Thundering Years without heading toward violence, drug abuse, and other self-destructive behaviors. Inspiring quotations from many spiritual traditions as well as the words and real-life experiences of other young adults. Presents an honest view of the passions and pain that occur during this major life transition.
According to native traditions, the Thundering Years are the time in life to listen to intense feelings, dreams, desires, and goals — to be outrageous and even difficult. The Thundering Years are the teen years, the time when you are journeying into adulthood. They are exciting years, full of potential and creative energy, and they are painful years, full of turmoil and self-examination. Author Julie Tallard Johnson has collected wisdom from cultures around the world to help you survive your Thundering Years with your soul, creativity, and even sense of humour intact. She offers numerous techniques and traditions to help harness the powerful energy released during this time. She shows that when you connect with your thunder in a respectful way, you are given the confidence you need to accomplish all your dreams.

More added to this blog in 2018….

Cycling to Grandma’s House by Jac Torres-Gomez  
Luna has just been assigned a challenging school project: to find the most incredible characteristic about being a girl and then present it to her class. Luna races home to ask for advice from her mother, who suggests she do her project on an experience that Luna shares with other girls all around the world: menstruation. As she summons the courage to talk to other girls and women from various cultures about their first period, she embarks on an exciting journey that will change her life forever. “A beautiful book that gives young girls an inspiring introduction to the subject of getting your first period.” – Lara Owen, author of Her Blood Is Gold: Awakening to the Wisdom of Menstruation

Reaching for the Moon by Lucy H Pearce
Reaching for the Moon is Lucy H. Pearce’s bestselling guide for girls aged 9-14 as they anticipate and experience their body’s changes. A beautiful, sensitive and nurturing celebration of a girl’s transformation to womanhood, following in the footsteps of her bestselling book for women, Moon Time: harness the ever-changing energy of your menstrual cycle. Beginning with an imaginary journey into the red tent, a traditional place of women’s wisdom, some of the gifts and secrets of womanhood are imparted in a gentle lyrical way. – The secrets of the moon – The secrets of our cycles – The gift of self-care Along with practical advice on: – Preparing for her first period – Choosing menstrual products – Herbal healing – Celebrating menarche Lucy H. Pearce is a mother of three, and author of five books for girls and women. “A must-read for all our daughters!” — Melia Keeton-Digby, author, The Heroines Club “A beautiful, insightful book that every girl should have clenched to her heart… the most life-affirming gift you could offer.” — Wendy Cook, Founder, Mighty Girl Art “For our daughters and their mothers, thank you.” — ALisa Starkweather, founder, Red Tent Temple Movement “A message of wonder, empowerment, magic and beauty in the shared secrets of our femininity … written to encourage girls to embrace their transition to womanhood in a knowledgeable, supported, loving way.” —

Just Between Us: A No-Stress, No-Rules Journal for Girls and Their Moms Diary
by Meredith Jacobs and Sophie Jacobs

This beautiful keepsake journal is the perfect place for moms and tween daughters to share stories and dreams, hopes and fears. Advice, guidelines, and prompts by author Meredith Jacobs and her thirteen-year-old daughter Sofie pave the way to discussing everything from friends and school to crushes and growing up. With plenty of free space to write about whatever’s on their minds and fun pages for drawing pictures and making lists, this journal will open the lines of communication and help moms and daughters create memories that will last a lifetime.

Maiku discovers Red Moon: Handbook to understand and use the gifts of your Menstrual Cycle
by Miss Arianna Ruffinengo

Wisdom, magic and creativity inspired by the menstrual cycle for readers of all ages. This wonderful album, inspired by Miranda Gray’s classic Red Moon, accompanies the reader on a journey to discover the biological aspects and mystical secrets of the menstrual cycle from a playful, cheerful and demystifying perspective. Together with the free-spirited Maiku, you will explore different aspects of the menstrual cycle, from fascinating anatomy to suggestions for how you can best adjust to the energies that influence each phase of the month. You will get to know the four archetypes that live within us – the Crone, the Maiden, the Mother and the Enchantress. You will learn how to enjoy certain exercises to loosen up and relax. Finally, you will explore your creativity though painting, colour, crafts and decorations and much more… A powerful tool to share with daughters, sisters and friends, aimed at breaking down taboos and encouraging them to consciously and creatively experience the naturalness of the menstrual cycle.

Ask Aunt Flo…heavy periods & cloth pads

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Dear Aunt Flo, I am really interested in using cloth pads- having considered making my own in the past but not being sure how to make them absorbent enough. I have a really heavy flow and flood a lot. Are cloth pads absorbent enough to cope with this? Many thanks, Lyds

Hi Lyds,  My daughter has suffered with menorrhagia (very heavy periods) and found cloth pads more absorbent than the super night time pads- and she said she wasn’t scared of leaking or flooding in them! (Her bleeding isn’t so bad now after using a ‘Liver Tonic’ drink recommended by her naturopath)

Also you may find your bleeding lessens when using a more natural sanitary protection. The design of the Moon Times Pads, with the wings and choice of different inserts are extremely efficient. If you choose the right amount of inserts for the absorbency of your flow, the pads should not leak at all. For extra security there are inserts made from a double layer of towelling with a polyurethane backing! Not using enough inserts is usually the cause of leaking, so use more inserts; 1 or 2 is suitable for light to med flow, 2 -4 for medium to heavy. Towelling inserts are the most absorbent!

Good luck & bright blessings, Aunt Flo xxx

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Disclaimer: Any health advice that I give is my opinion based on my general professional experience but not your specific case. As such, you should always seek the advice of your own health professionals.

Any statements or claims about the possible health benefits conferred by any foods or supplements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration and are therefore not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

You are advised to do your own due diligence when it comes to making decisions about and all information, products, services that have been provided should be independently verified by your own qualified professionals. By reading this guide, you agree that my company and myself are not responsible for your health or the health of your dependents.

Moon Time Foods

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Why not try some delicious and nutritious ‘red’ foods when you are on your Moon Flow…

Red Moon Juice

use a juicer!
4 carrots
1 beetroot
1 apple
a slice of ginger

Raspberry Smoothie

1 cup or raspberries (frozen or fresh), ½ cup of yogurt
1 cup of hibiscus tea
a pinch of cinnamon and cardamom

Beetroot soup

4 chopped beetroots
4 stick of celery- chopped
3 carrots- chopped
1 leek- chopped
1 onion- chopped
2 cloves of garlic- chopped
herbs; mixed, or thyme, parley, rosemary
1 bay leaf
2 tablespoons of dandelion leaf
add salt & pepper to taste

Sauté the onions and garlic with herbs (not the dandelion leaf) in a little olive oil, add some water and the carrots, celery, leeks, beetroot, simmer and blend as required- garnish with the dandelion leaf.

[guest blog] A young woman’s description of her menarche

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This article is published in ‘Menarche a Journey into Womanhood’ by Rachael Crow (Hertogs).

My Menarche Ceremony at Sacred Arts Camp by Ro Ocean 2006

My Menarche Ceremony this year was truly beautiful. I just wish every girl could experience what I did. The sweat lodge the night before the ceremony was just as important as the actual thing, as it cleansed your body to give that sense of readiness to the experience.

Just before dusk us girls and our moon mothers gathered by the roaring fire and where smudged with sage before entering the small dome tent which was the sweat lodge. I felt nervous seeing as this was the first sweat lodge I’d ever been to. As our eyes adjusted to the blackness, seven stones were produced and put into a pit in the centre of the circle we had formed. Then we sang ‘we are sacred’ into the sticky atmosphere to the beat of a boran. We went round the circle saying what we wanted to let go of and what we wanted to bring with us on our sacred journey to womanhood.

The air grew unbearably hot and when it was time to go back to reality I felt as if I’d just come out of a swimming pool! Coming out of the dark was like being reborn- an experience I will treasure for ever and ever and ever!

On the day of the ceremony, I made my way to the moon lodge to meet my moon mother, Chrystia and change into my white clothes. I was glad to have the company of the other girls although I knew everyone was there to celebrate and support me.

Once we were ready, the maidens came to lead us to the big top where we entered through a beautiful ash tree arch. Then we were smudged with sage by the crones in their gorgeous black and purple robes and shouted our names into the immense circle of women and girls. When they sung to us songs old and new, I felt more comfortable as I know most of the old songs from past menarche’s so I sang along.

Then we changed into our daring red dresses back in the moon lodge and came out to something very unexpected! We walked between two lines of men and boys with their backs to us; drumming random beats every now and again with minutes between each singular beat. The energy in that path so incredibly powerful- you’d really have to experience it to understand it!

Once we were in the big top again, while the women danced and sung to us, my moon mother whispered my moon name to me and handed me a precious card. I felt honoured to have so much attention paid to me!

After we had witnessed belly dancing and listened to a story, we turned our heads to hear the questions of the crones who were guarding the gates; “should we let these men in?” “Do they respect and honour us as sisters?” the men were let in and they stood in front of us girls who were in a line with our moon mothers by our side. Then the men sang ‘we honour you’, once for every girl being celebrated.

Then the moon fathers stepped forward to crown their moon daughters one by one.

I was proud of my luscious crown; it was decorated with small flowers and two red roses at the side- in fact, it is sitting on my hearth right this minute.


‘Menarche a Journey into Womanhood’ by Rachael Crow (Hertogs). available from 

Menstrual Health Tips…what tips would you like to share?

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Menstrual Health Tips collected from REAL Women!
As featured in my Thirteen Moons Book

Use your pre-menstrual energy to clean the house and prepare food so you can relax and not have to take care of others while you are bleeding.

Take care of your diet and try to avoid fatty foods and processed foods, coffee, tea, fizzy drinks etc in the second half of your cycle. (the week before your period)

Be selective about how and who you spend your time with!

Evening Primrose Oil (HIGH doses) and St John’s Wort oil capsules have helped me immensely.
Lessens the severe cramping I was getting as well as the depression and rage. I’m not nearly as psychotic as I used to be, period or not 🙂

Try switching from paper pads and tampons to cloth pads. Soak them in a closed bucket with a bit of detergent, or, if you have a garden, skip the detergent and use the water for your plants.

Drink hot red teas, especially no caffeine herb teas, like Cranberry Apple, Blackcurrant and Raspberry Leaf.

If you suffer from mood swings, bloating, headaches, depression etc and use a hormonal contraceptive such as the implant or pill, consider changing to a more natural method- read the book THE PILL!

Zinc relieves cramps–eat dark green veggies like spinach!–and potassium relieves bloating, so eat those bananas too. Both need to be eaten in the second half of your cycle. Works for me!

I try to take a moon lodge day sometime during my flow, preferably the first day. i find that tarot reading is especially insightful during my moon time also. I take vitex extract regularly and it has eased my heavy flow. Also, raspberry leaf tea is wonderful, there are plenty of women’s menstrual teas available and
there are lots of books that are excellent resources with things like suggestions for honouring your flow such as creating a blood jar from your (cloth) pads and using the blood water to nourish your house plants.

To all of you who have an especially rough time with your periods, learn to chart your cycle and understand the hormonal changes that occur in your body. My own change in attitude about my body and its moon cycles have made a tremendous difference in my life.

Eat lots of chocolate, drink lots of herbal tea. Stay in bed for a week, watch soap operas on TV. You don’t have to pretend you feel fine when you don’t. Just do whatever makes you happy!!

Have a day off. I’ve found this to be my best medicine. Meditate, dance wildly, be creative, watch the moon, sleep more, read, do nothing, do whatever turns you on.

Gather a group of women together, have a RED TENT day/evening. The more diverse the group, the better. Tell them in advance that you’ll be getting together to talk about your moon time. Have everyone bring food. Make herbal tea. Share stories about your menses and what it has meant to you. It’s so empowering to be able to share these stories with other women.

Wear red. It stimulates the circulation and replaces the red you are losing from the aura.

Moon Times July Newsletter


Hello lovely ladies 🙂
Moon Times is now settled in wet and wild Pembrokeshire, the amazing sun rises we have had and occasional sunny days make up for the mostly rainy weather that seems to be the ‘norm’ here in West Wales!

Below is our July Newsletter, please pass it on to friends who might be interested 🙂
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Red Moon – Cycles Of Women Empowerment
A Week-long Training (Aug 6-12)
for women wishing to be empowered by their cycle,
reclaim their cycle as source of inner guidance and spiritual renewal,
and become a role-model for today’s girls!

Menstruation as a spiritual journey,
is the last uncovered frontier in personal growth and spirituality today.

Women of all ages find deep solace in it.

It will help you dissolve PMS symptoms,
discover your cycle as source of inner guidance and spiritual renewal,
and deepen your relationship with your daughter at any age.
It contains the last missing pieces of our womanhood’s jigsaw puzzle.

Training includes:
– Learning to use your cycle as source of empowerment
– The spiritual and emotional aspects of menstruation
– Healing your Inner Maiden
– Reclaiming menstruation as celebrated in indigenous cultures
– Receiving the Coming-Of-Age ceremony you never had
– Shamanic trance journeys
– Integrating all parts of your womanhood into a whole
– Full Moon ritual
– Inspiring the girls in your life to empowered womanhood

DeAnna L’am, author of Becoming Peers – Mentoring Girls Into Woman hood, has been transforming women’s and girls’ lives around the world for over 20 years.
DeAnna specializes in helping women reclaim menstruation as source of inner guidance and spiritual renewal, coaches moms to welcome their girls into womanhood with comfort and ease, and trains women to hold Red Tents in their communities.
Facebook page:

The workshop will be in ENGLISH,
with GERMAN TRANSLATION as needed.
please contact:
Hildegard Kirchweger – Email:
Phone:+43 (0) 699 1 924 06 68

You can visit facilitator DeAnna L’am on her website, at:

Home New(Tribe)

Going Within

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How do We “Go Within?”
Most of us live over-committed, complicated lives, with guilt and/or income-generation as our primary motivator. Though we have precious little time in our current incarnation, it is still hard to say no to work, family or group activities that we don’t find personally meaningful. There are so many “shoulds” planning our daily schedule. So be courageous, say “No” to the things you don’t want to do, but feel obliged, clear your schedule of chores and duties, ask your family for support and take some time for yourself.
This means turning off your TV (now that’s courageous!) and tuning into the broadcast channel of existence. So much in life distracts our energy and stops us from searching for deeper truth and meaning.
Consider the profound impact of focusing our energies only on activities that enliven our search for deeper meaning. Taking time out helps deepen into a search for our true calling: that which finds its source in inspiration, gifting and joyfulness. Think of your job. For many people, the work they do for money is not the work they do for spiritual enlivenment. We are told from a young age that we cannot support ourselves doing work we love, especially if that work is artistic and/or spiritual. Perhaps you could create ritual around revisioning your beliefs about work. Use this time to reconsider how to be generous with your time and love, while figuring out a way to fill your life with work and activities that feed your spirit.
Another thing you could focus on is to look at what you dislike outside of yourself, and then look within to find where it lives within you. That is your shadow, the projection onto external reality of the darkness that lives within you. Remind yourself that you have the power to find your own truth, by looking inward with a truthful eye.
Meaning doesn’t live somewhere far away. It is not in heaven, it is not in the words of some channeler, it is not in your guru, it is not in your church, it is not in your school, it is not in your therapist, it is not in your psychic, tarot card reader or astrologer, it is not in your government, it is not in your guides, angels, or other disembodied entities you have chosen to give away your power. The Earth is speaking to you, every minute of every day! The answers you seek are in the wind, the movement of the waves, in the activity in a bee hive or an ant hill, in the intelligence that moves the stars and planets, in the storms and earthquakes, in the songs of birds, in the howl of a wolf, in the grace of a deer, in the smile of your child/spouse/parent/friend, in the sensual embrace of your lover, in the flowing water of a river, in the shape of a cloud, in the cosmic music of the shimmering particles and waves that make up our universe! Go outside, be in nature and tune in to the teachings of Mother Earth. Get your Ego out of spirit’s way and open yourself to listening deeply to the existent wisdom of our world. Accepting the animal part of humanity as a source of knowledge will help bring harmony, peace and generosity back to our deadened species.
It is time to initiate a new quest for spiritual knowledge. Is your spiritual path ready for an overhaul? Have you been doing the same practice day in and day out without questioning its effectiveness? Take stock and question your current beliefs, whatever they may be. Be open. Seek knowledge from cultures and spiritual traditions that exist all around the globe. Don’t concentrate solely on seeking an intellectual understanding of spirituality through written or spoken words. If you haven’t tried to do a ritual yet, this is the time to start. Just open up and listen, you will know exactly what to do!