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Hey my lovelies,

How are you doing? It’s a crazy time of year eh? and so many people seem to be burned out, low, worried about the future of our country (in the UK…. politics are everywhere!!) or at the very least tired. So I’m sharing my end of year practice- Release & Renew, which helps me let go of the year (and you may want to do it for the last decade- that’s an intersting one to work with!) and feel positive and renewed to step into the birth energy of New Year! Now this isn’t about making resolutions or having a “word for the year” – it’s about really letting go, and bringing in clear intentions for yourself, your work, your life!

Those of you who have followed my story know the ups and downs of the past few years for me- my “living the dream” became a nightmare, I walked away from my life, relationship, left all my money behind, then got a cancer diagnosis while in the depths of perimenopause- and I still feel completely positive about my life! People constantly ask me how???…and the truth is- I work at it! So in Release and Renew I share some of my practices, this is a mini online teaching where I share my practice, there’s a 22 page workbook, opening ceremony, releasing ceremony plus a long video about the energies coming in 2020- I feel full of hope for the future! As usual I want my offerings to be affordabe so it’s sliding scale £10-30!

If you cant afford that, there’s my 2018 version on youtube for free….but this 2019 mini teaching is much expanded version with a different release ceremony.

What else is happening? Jayne and I have finalised the details of our Creative Moon Pause Retreat– it’s end of March 2020, at the beautiful West Wales Sound Healing Centre- there are limited places and there’s an early bird price til Jan 30th of £250 so book on! £50 Deposit secures your place!

We will immerse ouselves in SoulCollage, make a Moon Pause Medicine Bundle and end with a death ceremony! There will be a sound bath, time for silence and reflection as well as circle sharing. email to book on

Just to note, I’m taking a break over Yule to visit family and rest- so my shop will be closed 15-29th Dec.

In the meantime, Diaires and Calendars, Moon Charts and Lunar Calendars are all reduced so grab a few for Yule gifts! (while you’re here, have a browse of my gifts section; cunt dishes, cards, books…) The Mini Moon Pants are flying out, teens are loving them so if you want a few for your teen, have a browse. I’ve got a few Drums ready for their new homes, so take a look at my Etsy shop for an extra special gift. I also have Drum making kits that come with a tutorial video.

Well that’s it from me for this week….use the full moon to put out your intentions!

Loads of love, light and positivity!

Connect with me…..

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Books I read in 2019….

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I LOVE getting book recommendations so here’s my list and mini reviews!

A Year to Live: How to Live This Year as If it Were Your Last by Stephen Levine
I’m still reading this one, but I am LOVING it!!

Divine Beauty: The Invisible Embrace by John O’Donohue
this sits on my table and I dip in and get blown away each time. It’s like an oracle! All Johns books are so beautiful…

Change Me Prayers: The Hidden Power of Spiritual Surrender by Tosha Silver
I’m so in love with this woman, she write eveything I think and wish I could write!!

Secret Language of Your Body: The Essential Guide to Health & Wellness: The Essential Guide to Health and Wellness by Inna Segal
a bit like Louise Hays You Can Heal Your Life- Inna offers her take on dis-ease, ways to heal and release emotions connected to the particular dis-ease. Facinating book with great healing tools!

The Complete Works of Florence Scovel Shinn
THIS BOOK will change the way you live your life!! Steps, prayers and tools for creating the life you want…way more that ‘manifesting’…surrender is the key and trusting the divine to provide.

Outrageous Openness: Letting the Divine Take the Lead by Tosha Silver
yes…another Tosha book…cos shes fab. I even bought a few spare copies for gifts!

It’s Not Your Money: How to Live Fully from Divine Abundance by Tosha Silver
and another…if you want to look at money in a new way, THIS BOOK IS THE ONE!

Sisters of the Solstice Moon by Gina Martin
A “herstory” that will give you goose bumps…i felt as if i was having “remembering” reading this..fiction, goddess worshipping cultures, gorgeous.

The Overstory by Richard Powers
THIS IS MY NO 1. Book for 2019! I LOVED this and it’s gone into my top 10 forever fav books! All the stories intertwined and they all have trees at the centre, you’ll learn about tree communications and the shocking laws around tree cutting, planting, peoples love and passion for trees! If you only read one of these books…make it this one!

Outlander by Diana Gabaldon
Yes, I read the whole series of Outlander books!! If you need some escapsim books, or something to read when you’re suffering from perimenopausal insomnia, these are full of drama, sex, time travel, 18th century herbalism, celtic history, war, murder, mystery…! Well I enjoyed them!

Reclaiming Feminine Wisdom: An Empowering Journey With Endometriosis
by Melanie Rossiter
A raw honest healing journey of endometriosis, recommend this if youre struggling.

The Following Inspiration Experiment: Learning to let go and live in the flow
Debbie LaChusa
I’ve followed Debbie as a business coach, this book is her story of getting her work in the flow of joy and ease.

Moon Wise: How to find peace and power with the cycle of the moon by
Awen Clement
I love reading books by friends…this one opened my eyes to my natal moon cycle…my natal moon is just before the dark moon, and wow- Awen explained this is probably the time in the month we feel our best- so while it may not be quite in line with cycle charting advice- it actually fits perfectly as this is my favourite time in my cycle and the moon cycle! haha!

Lifeshocks: And how to love them by Sophie Sabbage
Sophie wrote the Cancer Whisperer that I loved reading last year…this is a bit more of a “personal change” book, which reminded me of some of the practices in the 12 step programme! Lovely examples of folk who changed their minds and changed their lives!

The Wild Places by Robert Macfarlane
Perfect reading for me just before heading to Scotland. He visits many of my favourite Wild PLaces!

The Lost Words by Robert Macfarlane art by Jackie Morris
Love reading this with my kids, just exquisite art by an amazing artist who lives in my community here in Wales!

In Search of Stones: A Pilgrimage of Faith, Reason, and Discovery
by M. Scott Peck
You may remember this author from The Road Less Travelled- well this is more of a personal book of his travels around the sacred stones of the UK. I loved reading this again before my travels to visit the Callanais Stones.

Callanish the Crown: The Stonehenge of the North
by Gwendolyn Awen Jones
Another book I read in preparation for meeting the Callanais Stones- this one is a visionary journey with powerful energetic images of her expereinces at the stones.

Intuitive Herbalism: Honouring Our Indigenous Plants. Walking the Path of Healing
by Nathaniel Hughes
a beautiful, simple book on tuning in with the herbs in your garden

The Earthsong Series by Mary Mackey
I justed loved these goddess culture fictional stories, an easy read with cliff hangers that keep you reading!

Welsh Witches: Narratives of Witchcraft and Magic from sixteenth- and seventeenth-century Wales by Richard Suggett
I’m facinated with the history of the welsh witches and this book was a gem of a find! It seemed many of the cunning folk of Wales were well treasured and kept safe by their communities.

Mothering and Daughtering: Keeping Your Bond Strong Through the Teen Years
by Sil Reynolds
I must admit, I havent finished this, it’s a dip in and out book!

A few books that were a bit of light holiday reading!

The Forgotten Village by Lorna Cook
Black Sheep by Georgette Heyer
Sea of Memories Fiona Valpy
You Then, Me Now by Nick Alexander
The Storyteller’s Secret by Sejal Badani
The Story Keeper by Anna Mazzola

The Way Home: Tales from a Life Without Technology by
Mark Boyle
Having read The Moneyless Man I was interested to read Marks next part of his life, he writes about living completely self sufficeint, without electricity or money…utterly enthralling but not a life I could attempt!

The Eye of the Reindeer by Eva Weaver
Beatifully written story of a young abused woman who is put away in a mental institution, her escape and life in the wilds, her love and search for a hidden sacred medicine drum.

Woman on the Edge of Time by Marge Piercy
This was recommened to me by a young woman at a camp I was at, a feminist dystopian novel written in the 1960’s this is a book ahead of its time!

Walking the Americas by Levison Wood
A real life facinating account of Levisons walk along the spine of the Americas, through eight countries, from Mexico to Colombia, experiencing some of the world’s most diverse, beautiful and unpredictable places. Another one I couldn’t put down…and these kind of books aren’t usually my kind of reading!

Your Life In Your Hands: Understand, Prevent and Overcome Breast Cancer and Ovarian Cancer by Jane Plant CBE
I must admit, of all the cancer books, i found this one the least empowering. I’m afraid I wouldnt recommend it. for better ones see my resources page on my healing cancer journey blog!

Majesteria: Spiritual Guidance Through the Menopausal Gateway by
Melanie Santorini
I fell a little bit in love with Melanie- I love this menopause story of the first ordained woman vicar to powerful menopausal woman and her journey navigating the ‘change’!

Women Ripening Through the Menopause by Melissa Assilem
Likewise, another strong, opinionated menopausal woman- I read an exerpt here…

A Series of Catastrophes and Miracles: A True Story of Love, Science, and Cancer
Mary Elizabeth Williams
Another rather uninspiring cancer book- the author lives by taking experimental drugs while all around her cancer friends are dying off like flies. 🙁

The Untold History of Healing: Plant Lore and Medicinal Magic from the Stone Age to Present by Wolf D. Storl
Another book I dip in and out of…a wealth of plant knowledge of europe!

Energy Speaks: Messages from Spirit on Living, Loving, and Awakening
Lee Harris
Having followed Lee for years, this book is full of simple meditations and healing tools, highly recommend, its one of my ‘go to’ books when I feel the need for a lift!

Guardians Of The Tall Stones, The Sacred Stones Trilogy
by Moyra Caldecott
Again, gorgeous fictional books based around the power of our sacred stones. Loved these!

Medicine Woman: Reclaiming the Soul of Healing by Lucy H. Pearce
Lucy “outs” the UK medical system that doesnt support chronic illness, and even fails to diagnose, keeps some poeple ill and hooked on medication, and raises the question of how we can be our own medicine woman…certainly resonated with me!

Ritual: Power, Healing, and Community by Malidoma Some
A facinating insight into African culture – it certainly highlighted the need for more ritual, calling on our community for healing and support in all our transitions and traditions!

Wowsers…Well I only managed to read all these bacuse I’ve got perimenopausal insomnia and spent many wee hours in the night reading. But i didnt imagine it was this many books!

If you’d like to work with me- see my personal website, I offer online teachings, 1-1 coaching, distant healing, drum making and custom reteat days

Release & Renew Online Teaching

Rachael Crowonline teachings

A mini teaching with meditations, work book, ceremony and creative medicine card activity to ground you, support you and prepare you for the new energies of 2020….♥️

Cost- sliding scale £10- £30

Join me at this time to release the old and clear the way for the birth energy of the new year.

Trust your soul has a plan, and the soul of our country, and the soul of our Earth Mother.

It’s madness month with the crazy politics and Xmas season plus some astrological shifts so it’s a time to prioritise self care, staying grounded, being in your centre, knowing your truth… Working on your shit, balancing the shadow work with the light work. Personally, I avoid the news, the politics and the Xmas madness…Opt out and stay in the vibration of love ♥️ Keep healing and keep grounding and join my Release and Renew session to learn more about the coming energies of 2020 and tools to keep you balanced in this time of change . I’m so looking forward to launching this one… ♥️ Rachael xx

This on line teaching includes-

A PDF workbook with releasing practices

Meditation videos to ground and release

Energy forecast with tips to hold your centre

Video of creating medicine cards to work with

Once paid for you will receive a confirmation email with a password to the online teaching page with all the resources.

Sign up here…

Honoured to be a Creatrix….Newsletter

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My Dearests,

It’s been a busy couple of weeks, I’ve been blogging, writing magazine articles, teaching drum making…. and  getting some goodies in the post- firstly my new “Labias” hoodie (probably my most commented on Facebook post for a while!!) and on Monday I was thrilled to get the new book- Creatrix by Lucy H Pearce which includes the voices of 15 creative women – including me!! Hopefully I’ll get the time to read it over the yule holidays, at the moment I’ve got 5 or 6 books on the go at once…a book in every room, including 2 in the loo!! (Note the new pad fabric…coming soon! I’ve already had pad reservations from sharing this image on my Facebook! #vulvafabric)

Next month my Mid Girl & Red Girl on line course will open again, and if you want to know more about these passages, and why it might be healing to revisit these times in our lives, have a cuppa and watch my video all about it. I will support you for the two months in our Facebook support group. Price is sliding scale £35-£99.

I’ve got a few new blog posts- one all about Georgie Catlings gorgeous Yoni Oracle Cards….that I’m really hoping to get in stock soon! (nudge, nudge Georgie!)

My other posts are Top 10 tips for your Moon Pause and honouring your last blood, both inspired from conversations I’ve had with women recently about what you might need to know to be prepared for your Moon Pause and then how to really honour this rite of passage….. (BTW….I’m working on a real life Creative Moon Pause retreat weekend in March here in Wales with another amazing Moon Pause Woman…keep an eye on my social media to hear all about it!)

and lastly….Diairies, Calendars and Moon charts are being posted all over the world….if you havent bagged one yet, there’s still time! Bundles avaliable …

That’s it from me for now….Do join my Red Girl circle, I’d love to work with you!
Connect with me…..

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I LOVE Yoni Oracle Cards!

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It’s not often I blog about a product that I don’t sell….but I have fallen in LOVE with Georgies Yoni Oracle Cards!!

I had connected wth Georgie on social media and she was kind enough to send me the images of her Cosmic Yoni card and the cervical healing meditation that went with it for me to share on my Hello Cervix website.
These beautiful cards have been birthed by Georgie and she’s collaborated with some amazing artists to create them. They are an invitation to embody the Wisdom of your Yoni; unlock the gifts of your Lunar Nature and the Magical Menstrual Cycle.

Georgie tells me -The Yoni Oracle Cards have been created to support women in embracing their cyclic nature, intuition and inner knowing. They are a powerful divine feminine tool for healing and connection, with each of the 45 images transmitting its own unique healing and divination to aide you along your path.
Through journeying with the four Tribes within the pack: Crones, Maidens, Mothers and Enchantresses discover hidden creativity, passion and purpose. Allow their guidance to empower, nourish and reconnect you with your inner compass and the natural rhythms of Mother Earth. The Yoni Oracle Cards can be used as an oracle, for daily reflection, for connecting with a particular tribal archetype, exploring your shadow, working with the moon’s cycles and so much more!

This healing oracle is for women of all ages, with or without a womb, with or without a menstrual cycle. I myself no longer bleed due to having cervical cancer and subsequently a hysterectomy in 2003 aged 29. This life changing event or initiation led me to delving deep within my womb consciousness, my sexual energy and my power to say No! This experience coupled with other traumas throughout my life led me to the creation of the Yoni Oracle Cards. I hold a deep passion that I want women to feel supported, encouraged and held during ‘dark nights of the soul or Yoni!’

My hope is that the cards inspire, provide insights, comfort and clarity.
*A detailed full colour guidebook and box with suggestions for ceremonies, sample spreads and inner journeying
*45 potent illustrations created by 9 Yoniful artists
The Yoni Oracle Cards are great for:
*Red Tents *Workshops *1-1 healing *Working in tune with the Moon *Personal development *Ceremonies *Meditation *Shadow Work *Oracle *Reflection *Sexual energy *Ritual

If you would like to know more, order a deck or follow me for updates my contacts are: fb @yonioraclecards Instagram @yonioracle


Look forward to hearing from you!
Yoni Blessings,
Georgie xx

Celebrating and Honouring our Last Blood…..the threshold of Moon Pause

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As we navigate the Moon Pause Threshold, we may be wondering how we can celebrate and honour ourselves as we come to this passage in our lives.

Obviously one sticking point is that we can never really know which moon blood will be our final one!

So what I suggest to many women is to start dreaming into what that ceremony or honouring might be for them and to begin honouring each moon blood as if it may be their last.

How can we honour our blood? some suggestions..
Touch your blood- Our sacred moon blood is the blood of life, it’s rich in stem cells and life force! When you consciously touch your blood, feel its texture, drop into its energy, we are changed at our very core. We are challenging years and years of shame, of taboo, of persecution!
When we can be completely comfortable touching our menstrual blood then we have broken the etheric cords of shame all women are bound by, and as each woman breaks these cords, we are freeing other women to do the same. There us power in unity sisters!
Whether you touch it out of curiosity, or to wash out your pads/cup or to consciously anoint yourself with your blood, the very action of touching what many women have been taught is dirty, we are taking back our power, empowering others and changing our culture that tells us to not mention it, keep it hidden, keep it secret, and heaven forbid, don’t touch it! Touch your blood….FEEL THE POWER!!

Meditate with your blood– place a drop of blood on your 3rd eye, heart and womb centres, meditate and feel the power of your blood on your body.

Feed a plant with your blood– either water your garden with your moon blood (if you use a sponge/ cup you can dilute the blood with water, or if you use cloth pads, use the water from soaking them) or buy a special plant that you
want to have as your moon plant (or it could be a tree!) and water it with some blood each moth. If you choose something edible you will be imbuing it with goddess power! Feed your family with it.

Paint with your blood- I have created peices of art and painted my drum with my moon blood.

Go on a retreat or a vision quest
holding your moon pause journey as your focus, ask women friends towelcome you back from it with a fire and ceremony.

prayers carried on the smoke

Create an out door altar/choose a tree to be your Moon Tree– if you have a garden you could make an altar dedicated to your cycle, place items that represent each phase, or keep it simple and just have a vessel for your blood and a candle! Or as with the watering idea you could choose a Moon Tree to bless with your blood each month and hang offerings or make an altar at its roots.

Make a Menstual Staff of Power!

Make a Moon Pause Belt– this is a video from my Broken Basket Woman online teaching which you can join here.

When you feel ready…perhaps after 13 moons have passed with no moon blood, gather the women to honour and celebrate you! Let them paint you with ochre, sing to you, drum for you, dance with you, eat cake!!

Connect with me…..

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Art work by Suzi Edwards avaliable as cards

(C) Rachael Crow 2019, All Rights Reserved

Are you on Your Soul Path? Newsletter

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Hello my beauties,
I wanted to send this on the full moon, as over the years I’ve become more and more interested in astrology and how being ‘forewarned is forearmed’… I’m definitely sensitive to the moon and stars so keeping an eye on what’s happening in the heavens supports me in life! So …we are now in Taurus and Scorpio, a time for consolidation on all levels, security is feeling important so things may come up around relationships and finances… it’s important to feel centred and grounded, so keep connecting to your pelvic bowl and our Earth Mother. We are in times of big change, lots of opposites coming up, so expect some glitches and bumps in the road, things may shake you up, but it’s all about balance, can you stay balanced despite the bumps? Some astrologers are saying this is the way things are going to be for a while…well into 2020…it’s all Jupiter/Saturn energy! So it’s vital we feel strong in our centres, and remember our security comes from our core and our connection to Source- whatever that is for you… (for some free meditations to support you connecting to your core, see Hello Cervix, and for a few more see my downloads at Moon Times.)

And just to remind you, if you’ve been considering joining the nine month Deepening Woman Journey, today is the last day to book on with Eartha and I and a group of women as we travel back over the map of womanhood together, we see our Soul Path was lighting us up right from birth! Starting with a birth ceremony we will walk through each threshold of the nine passages (image below), healing ourselves, calling back lost parts, connecting deeply to our inner wisdom… And then travelling forwards, seeing our future elderselves holding the future generations. Integrating the map of womanhood /life Spiral into our cells, we will be changed, empowered and hold within us many tools for healing, healing ourselves, our children, our Earth Mother? Join Eartha Love and I on this beautiful 9 month journey…Just £60 a month for 9 months…some concessionary places avalable. contact me for details.

I keep being asked how my healing is going, most of you probably know I’m treating my cervical cancer naturally, and it’s all fine, slowly shrinking, natural healing is slow (and yes, I can get a bit impatient with it all now and again!) and I’m also holding a curiosity around having an oestrogenic cancer while navigating perimenopause- and how many women seem to get hormonal cancers at this time in our lives. (follow my healing journey here)

I do want to mention one of my healing practices, that may help you too…womb and liver packing! Using castor oil packs on the liver and womb is incredibly relaxing, as well as being healing for all kinds of things such as cysts, tumours, fibroids, period pain… and because i’m doing them on a daily baisis, I’ve created an easy to use womb pack kits, now with organic castor oil, I’ve also got organic cotton packing cloths, if you don’t want a whole kit!

Well that’s it from me for this time, take it easy over the full moon,

Connect with me…..

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As the veil gets thinner….

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Samhain Blessings!!

I love this time of year, it’s a time of letting go….on so many levels! It’s the perfect time to hold a fire ceremony and let go into the fire of all that’s no longer serving you…or just have a bit of a clear out!

Obviously it’s a time to connect to your ancestors, make an ancestor table/shrine/altar and ask them for guidance in the coming year.
African author Malidoma Some talks over and over in his books how we westeners don’t honour our ancestors enough, he encourages us to pray to them daily, asking them for guidance. Why not bring this practice in to your daily life?

This beautiful prayer came up on my instagram…i havent been able to find the souce…it’s all over pintrest too…!!

what’s coming up for you this time of year?

(C) Rachael Crow 2019

Time for Change! Newsletter

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Change is in the air….
Yes, I’m changing, you’re changing, it’s all changing!
I’m changing how I work as well as how I write my newsletters as I go through the shifting sands of my moon pause journey!

For a while now I’ve struggled with being a high sensitive, a cyclic being and how to navigate the linear model we are taught in the business world!
So I’m changing once more and I hope you will enjoy this change. I’m still processing what this change will look like, but for now I’m just going with the flow and writing you a letter from my heart to yours.

I deeply want to be of service to you dear reader, so I am responding to the call to give more of myself, by offering 2 month dives into my online teachings. Love Your Period was the first of these and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed holding women as they’ve journeyed through the teachings with a Facebook online support circle. This will run again next Feb.
My moon pause offerings Broken Basket woman has just opened (closing on 1st Nov) so theres still time to join the group of wise women in there and also opening is the Deepening Woman that I offer just once a year with Eartha Love.
On these groups I am popping in with meditations, visualisation, Q&A sessions, card readings, energy tune ins….I’m flowing with my intuition and offering what the day brings and I’m loving reaching so many women, so why not join in?

I’m popping more and more blogs up- including some podcast links, more videos on my Vimeo channel, the last few have been conversations with the intuitive and down to earth Indra Singh of Silent Moon Imaginarium, (video below) and Kate Orson chatting about all things cervical! Smears, Lletz, cancer…and a video about moon rituals plus my musings on the worlds energy and how we need more and more to listen to our wombs and our Earth Mother.

Of course, my wish is to bring everyone in alignment with their soul path, which I believe becomes apparent the more we connect to our womb/pelvic bowl/ yoni/ cervix. My work has always held this at it’s heart, though my products and offerings. So, stick with me, check out my vids, journey into this time of change with positivity, hope and support.
Much love and my warmest,

Connect with me…..

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Journeying Around the Life Spiral…..Feet Firmly on your Soul Path

Rachael CrowMusings

The Deepening Woman Journey, is a journey around the life spiral as taught to us by our mentor Gail Burkett.
This is a map of womanhood, a map of our thresholds as we travel through our lives.
On the Deepening Woman mentoring we will guide you back over the first threhsolds of your life using questions and journalling, shamanic journeys, ceremony, and sacred crafts to reconnect and heal any soul loss and wounds that may have happened. We will empower you with self healing tools you can use on yourself to call back lost parts, heal yourself, and create your own special and unique healing ceremonies. We will search out your soul path, the thread of your soul that links all these passages and brings you fully walking your soul path.

Eventually you will reach the threshold of your life where you stand at present, you will honour this place with a scared ceremony before moving on to envision your future life, calling forth your future wise self and co-creating the next part of your lifes journey.

Once all these thresholds have been journeyed though, you become a wise initiated elder….you will be fully grounded on your soul journey, soul path and will have the confidence to hold circles and know you have the tools to go within and heal whenever you need to!

So Join Eartha and I on a journey around YOUR Life Spiral, deepen your connection with your authentic self, your cyclical nature and it’s relation to the seasons and the age old knowledge of our ancient mothers; remembering techniques that increase our natural women’s intuition and connect to our Medicine Woman Self.

Deepening Woman online mentoring .

CLOSES Full Moon Nov 12th 2019