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Hello my lovelies,

Huge thank you to everyone for you love, support, messages, sharings of my blog, gofundme, and my posts… I’m doing OK and feeling the love. Heart felt thanks don’t feel enough…but it’s all I have right now!

I’m still running my “Broken Basket Woman” online offering- perfect for women stepping onto the edge of this threshold, those who want to learn what’s coming and for those of us in the thick of it…bring your messiness, your hot flushes, your rage, your regrets…. we have a gorgeous group of women forming in the Facebook group, waiting to welcome you.

Something is changing. We are slowly wrapping ourselves in our cocoons and preparing for the Initiation into Wise Woman, knowing we will emerge as something different, a beautiful butterfly…but sitting inside the soup of the cocoon, in a place of limbo, a void, we can feel as if we are going crazy- becoming Broken Basket Woman and terrified we will not be able to weave ourselves back together.

Physical symptoms, spiritual questioning, life changes may feel overwhelming As a circle we will gather our fragmented pieces back into ourselves and gently weave ourselves back together.

These teachings I am offering can help ground you in your transformation, give you reassurance and support you in emerging as the Wise Woman you are created to be!

Join the circle here, the group closes June 3rd.

As I mentioned last time, I’m separating out myself, my work, my offerings from Moon Times, so do keep in touch, I’ll be on my social media, I’m creating a new mailing list, and just holding space for what will be….

Sign up here for my newsletter, you’ll recive a link to some free drum journeys and meditations, I look forward to our continued connection and journeys together…..


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Surrendering To Love………newsletter

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Well my dearests,
Big changes, deep processes and huge surrenderings have been happening for me since we last connected…
Some of you may have seen my latest health update video on my social media and if not, here I am…in all my vulnerability, for those who have watched and sent me messages…a HUGE THANK YOU from the DEPTHS of my HEART.


You know it’s been a long surrender for me, surrendering to allow myself to be held, helped, supported, loved…..surrendering to letting go- of so many things… and work is one of them, so in the next few months you may see some changes as Moon Times gets taken over …there will be an update and intoduction to the new owner soon…watch this space!
I really feel its time I let go of periods, pads, cups, womb work, allow the next generation to step in, make space for whatever is next for myself to come in….

So this is a big thank you to all those who have supported me, my little business, my on going journey, it’s not over, just at a threshold…and thats my work, leading women through lifes thresholds, this time life is leading me …

I’m slowly separating out myself, my work, my offerings from Moon Times, so do keep in touch, i’ll be on my social media, I’m creating a new mailing list, and just holding space for what will be….

Sign up here for my newsletter, you’ll recive a link to some free drum journeys and meditations, I look forward to our continued connection and journeys together…..


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Staying in the Flow of Wellbeing! Newsletter

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Hello my beauties,

Well here we are, still in our cocoon time (as I’m calling it!), and here in West Wales we are being blessed with awesome weather, I’ve been meditating, doing my yoga and making drums in the garden while the kids entertain themselves with finding toads, frogspawn and playing in the paddling pool.

I have also had time to rearrange my bedroom- something I’ve been wanting to do for a while and create my journalling, meditation and distant healing space.

What has been coming up for me at this time of planetary acension is a clear need to step firmly and deeply into “our Medicine” whatever that is for you…Life is very much showing me where my medicine is needed, and what I need to be turning my attention to, and it will be different for all of us. I’ve been needing a lot of time to just BE while I calibrate to this new energy and slower pace of life, this is a planetary initiation and if gone though consciously, it’s pretty amazing.

So my medicine has been finding balance- and as a Libran, that’s been my life long journey, to find balance in all things, at the moment it’s holding the balance of truth and light, and not going into the rabbit hole of conspiracy, but being aware and awake to what’s happening, being firm in my truth and my medicine (sorry folks, my medicine isn’t making fancy face masks- which I ranted about on my social media and got a lot of support on Instagram– thank you sisters!) but continuing to bring healing in to the world in many ways- you can join me daily at 12pm to send healing, love, peace and harmony to the planet and all of humanity, weekly – Sundays at 9pm, I’m still holding a few online courses, teaching Reiki, working daily with addicts which has always been my service, popping in on my Let the Love in Fb group, making drums as and when Spirit calls one through! These 4 were birthed over the Libra Full Moon.

This week I wanted to share with you a list of free resources for staying in the flow of wellness that are avaliable from me and some of my favourite teachers and people I love to listen to…my first tip is  “screen time” needs balancing with nature!

Another resource I shared on my social media this week is “My Book of Positive Aspects”… This is from Abraham Hicks… Take a note book, title it Book of Positive Aspects, (decorate it if you like!) spend some time each day listing all the positive aspects of friends, family members, favourite places… This is especially needed now while we maybe up close with family for quite a while and maybe focusing too much on thier annoying traits, or even to remind us why we love the people in our lives who we aren’t able to see, and while we can’t visit many favourite places at the moment, we could list all the amazing things about our home and why we love it. ❤️ This daily practice just keeps opening our hearts to gratitude.

I shall leave it there folks, stay well, stay open, stay grounded and most of all, stay in LOVE!



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Free resources for staying in the flow of wellness

Rachael CrowMusings

I thought I would make a post of all the FREE wellness resources I’m using during this time of planetary ascension ….although I would also advise that too much “on screen time” needs balancing with nature!

I am uploading things on my Facebook, and will continue to add to this page, so if you like what I like, do book mark it!

My first piece of advice is to walk barefoot and ground as much as possible, spend time in nature, if you can be in the garden or on your balacony (or even open a window) while meditating, doing yoga or qigong. Listen to our Earth Mother.

Here I offer a couple of my healing drum journeys…enjoy.


Mp3’s from Lee Harris– meditations and channellings.


21 days of meditation -Finding hope in uncertain times with Oprah Winfrey and Deepak Chopra. Harness strength. Find peace. Create connection.

Guided Meditation from Sandra Ingerman

Steven Washington Qigong

Kundalini Yoga with Kayapacha

Heart Math Experience, connect with the heart of who you are.

Science and nonduality– Fab talks from amazing speakers- this one I love of Charles Eisenstein & Bayo Akomolafe

Hay House have loads of videos, meditations, films.

Great advice from the Shamans Cave with Sandra Ingerman and Renee Baribeau, plus a fab free talk (ignore the course promo) from Sandra.

Of course there are tonnes of amazing things on YouTube, my favourites are

Messages from the Pleiadians– fab interview

Marianne Williamson- reading Return to Love

Bruce Lipton


Sarah Vrba astrology

Abraham Hicks

Lee Harris Energy Updates

Thomas Hubl

Phil Good

Vitual museums…

Frida Khalo

Monets Garden

The Guggenheim Museum

Enjoy and do share your wellness resources! Stay in the flow of wellness and LOVE!



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Inspiration and Hope……Newsletter

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My Dearests,

I was contemplating not doing a newsletter this week, I’m sure your inbox is crammed with all kinds of CV info, advice, all the free offerings folk are doing now they are stuck at home!

“This is a time of incubation. This is just the beginning…..
We are incubating our self knowledge, our wisdom, all we have reaped from our inner work.. our meditation, our healing…. In the stillness we will preserve our selves for what is coming. Surrender to this time, the quiet, the peace… You will need your inner strength for what is to come.
Anchor down into our Earth Mother, know our guides, angels, ancestors are with us.
The Great Turning is here. We have chosen to be here at this time to be part of this Turning.
These are exiting times to be alive in, but preserve your energy. Incubate, slow down, stop even, sleep, eat well, drink plenty of water, exercise, meditate. Humanity is going though a collective rite of passage, we are evolving, changing. Be gentle with yourself.” Rachael Crow 27/03/20

Whilst life here hasn’t changed dramatically, obviously like everyone, our children are home and infact we have deregistered them as we are not the kind of parents that want our children to be taught by computers. Who knows what the future education system will bring, what’s important for us is nature connection and simple living, so we are seed planting, reading stories, playing games and limiting screen time.

So that’s what I want to offer this week, a reminder to drop into the simple- I’m seeing a frenzy of activity on social media- so many things to “do” when in fact we are in a world wide state of grief and rite of passage. This is a rite of passage for humanity…into a new unknown future and it’s important we stop and recognise the grief we maybe feeling for the ‘old life’.

It’s an opportunity to re-evaluate how we are living, how we are consuming, where our addictive behaviours lie. Technology is raising our children, our teens are awake til 3am chatting on phones to friends. This isn’t the future I want to be a part of, I want to create a future where we are communicating authentically with one another, supporting one another, and I see this happening- people reaching out to the elderly in their communties, people checking in more than ever with family and friends, people healing old rifts.

While I write this my children are creating a puppet show with old cardboard boxes and felt tips… back to simplicity! Do you remember doing things like that as a child, the fun of putting on shows for the grown ups? I’ve been teaching them breath work and yoga each day- even if its just for 5 mins. (they love Wim Hof!) and I got Dorothy to do a little promo video for my book Why Does Mummy Bleed? She had great fun rehearsing felt excited about supporting her mums work!

Each day we read together, we pick oracle cards, we meditate, we pray- we have family rituals. These are the foundations of our family.

I invite you to step into the future with us, feeding the youth with nourishment, and if you don’t have children, who’s children can you support to nourish? We are all in this together and we all have our medicine and gifts to share with the world.

I’ll finish with a couple of online beauties I’ve had playing in the backgound of our lives -we dont listen to the radio, or the news…only positive and educational stuff!

Join the global meditation April 4th- but in the meantime meditate daily!

Beautiful Wisdom from the Indigenous peoples. Online Conference with “The Mother Earth Delegation of United Indigenous Nations of the North“

This Remembered Earth – Roundhouse Ceremony

Inspiring Music-
Be empowered with your health-

For now, stay sane and stay safe!


My Reiki 1 course is half price – learn reiki and be empowered to heal yourself!

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Life Just Keeps Changing!!! Newsletter

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My dear followers,
I hope you are all staying sane and safe in these changing times. It’s certainly a time to drop into going with the flow…whatever that is!!

I will continue to post out Moon Times orders for as long as the post office stays open. Thanks to all of you who are ordering!  Do share my code for new customers MT10%OFF … I so appreciate your continued support.

As we step into this new way of being (not doing) I invite you to join my daily healing and Sunday eve healing circles. If you follow me on social media you will have seen my posts offering these …..
Especially for anyone feeling alone, a little too isolated, those missing family and community, I invite you to join my midday healing circle… Join in anyway that suits you, maybe just imagine you are held in the hands of the circle ♥️ If you want to join in sending healing, I use many different ways, sometimes I imagine sending light around the world, sometimes I send it into the earth’s core and let our Earth Mother send it where it’s needed, sometimes I use reiki, or drumming (free drum journey here), or rattling, sometimes I sit outside, other times I’m on my sofa…. So what I’m saying is, there’s no right or wrong way to join in… Do your own thing, but do join us! Be part of the circle, part of the movement of love, healing, of light, of positivity ♥️ radiate from your hearts. ♥️

If you have some spare time on your hands, perhaps you might be interested in my half price Reiki I online course? This is half price now until the end of April, with a Facebook support group.
Reiki will change your life…for the better….It’s an amazingly simple healing tool that is so needed in these times of change!

As you connect to the reiki energy you will become more positive and will feel it increasing your energy and expanding your creativity and opening doors which you didn’t even know exist!! All this and so much more is waiting for you!

Reiki means ‘universal wisdom and life energy’, it is also known as ‘the secret art of inviting happiness’. Learning Reiki certainly changed my life for the better!

Obviously the Moon Pause retreat has been cancelled, watch this space for the new dates.

So far Drum making workshops and Ritual Tattooing will go ahead, unless the isolation advice goes on later into the year.

If you fancy a drum to join sending out healing, I’ve got kits with a video tutorial, or ready made drums all reduced this week!

You can connect with me on all my social media (links below) where I’m regulaly posting positivity!

Let’s stay in the positive vibe, support one another, keep one another lifted up, 2020 is the year of the heart, so stay in your heart, stay in love, and stay well.



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I’m retiring from “Teaching”! Newsletter

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Dearest ones,

I’m integrating a massive awakening that’s happened to me the last couple of weeks, well probably the last few years…haha, and I’ve decided I’m stepping down from “teaching” … instead I will now SHARE my tools, sit in circle and SHARE what I know and LISTEN to what you know, I will midwife your drum, and empower you to take it in to YOUR energy and learn from it YOUR way, using your own MEDICINE.

It’s time we step away from the patriarchal guru /teacher system where you pay someone to teach you what you know deep inside…. It’s time we step up, create community, ask your sisters and brothers to hold the girls and boys with you, co-create beautiful gatherings, full moon groups, mother daughter groups, father son groups, gather in red tents, moon pause lodges… Gather the tools and do it yourself!

My work all along has been to EMPOWER people to step up and create ceremony, ritual, hold space, go within LISTEN TO YOUR INNER WISDOM and I’m happy to share the tools I have to continue to support people in reclaiming their Soul Skins and creating magic in their communities!




So while i’m integrating all of what’s been going on for me, I just want to let you know about a few opportunties to create ceremony with me, connect and collaborate with me and also to let any new followers know where they can find me on line and on social media.

Coming up over the next few months-

Ritual Tattooing in Bristol May 31st and Wales, July 5th- limited spaces left.

Drum Making in Wales- April 4th, grab a place quick!

If I get enough folk interested, i’m going to add another day onto the Drum Making on Sunday 3rd May, Moreton, Leominster, contact me if you may be.

Plus all my online Sharings, meditations, drum journeys, (I’ve had amazing responses to my perimenopause womb meditation– thank you all who have enjoyed it!) Plus you an connect with me on Patreon

I look forward to connecting, sharing, creating communtiy, and I send you lots of love, love, love!


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Women ask:

– How do I launch a Red Tent?

– How can I reach more women?

– How can I SUSTAIN my Red Tent & GROW it?

I’d like to point you to some solid answers!

Like You, women around the world

yearn to hold Red Tents.

But – Desire isn’t enough…

Women begin with a Bang

and then – run Out of Ideas,

get Discouraged, or Burn Out…

Women Need HELP

Launching and Sustaining Red Tents!

My colleague DeAnna L’am,

founder of Red Tents In Every Neighborhood,

who trained women in over 30 countries,

has designed a new, comprehensive Online Program

to help you Launch, Grow, and Sustain a Red Tent —

for the long run!

This is for You, if you:

– Never held a Red Tent

– Tried to hold one and got discouraged

– Are holding a Red Tent & wish to take it to the Next Level

We need Red Tents

to be Accessible to ALL Women & Girls,

in ALL cultures,

ALL year round,

and –

we need women like You to HOLD them!

Women committed to:

Nourishing themselves

Supporting other women

and making an honorable living

Are you one?

Click HERE  to read more about DeAnna’s RED TENT ACADEMY

Rather than be swallowed by despair about the state of the world —

You can make a Difference!

It is clear that our world will be transformed by women

and if you always wanted to be part of the Change –

NOW is Time to Act!

Click HERE  to check out the RED TENT ACADEMY


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Here we go again!

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Hello my Loves,
It’s been an emotional time for me, after my video aired on the Red Tent Summit (thanks to everyone who watched and commented!)  I held my last drum making in my yurt as she goes in to storage for a while, and our last Red Tent circle…it’s continuing, but at another venue. I’ve got close friends facing massive life decisions and health crisis, some days it feels so overwhelming, but I keep coming back to community and love. When the ripples of these incidents hit a community they pull us together, in love, unity, prayers, healing… ♥️
So as a light worker, I hold a space for healing every Sunday eve- 9pm for all who need healing, so feel free to join this practice with me, sending or recieving…for health, healing, love, kindness, sharing and community….. world wide. Join the web of light. Together we are stronger. For all our relations. ♥️ 🙏🏻

So on Sunday we were sharing in our Red Tent circle and I was talking about how we “market ourselves” and how we need to just be truthful, honest and authentic, be ourselves! Which got me thinking, how do I “market” myself- so the next morning I wrote a list of how I see myself…I’m an anarchist, feminist, activist, rebel…. and thought “Jeez, I dont know how to make all that attractive!!” I turned on my computer to come up with a fancy Facebook post about my latest course and there it was…already written for me – thank you Universe! (and Ems who wrote it!!)
Here we go….
“I’ve got friends who are feminists, friends who are environmentalists and friends who are activists. I even know some amazing feminist environmental activists! If you identify as any of the above, I highly recommend taking the Love Your Period course, which I took last year, run by my wonderful friend Rachael Crow. Here’s why:

– For Feminism: The taboo around periods is something we are all affected by. Ignorance and lack of understanding leads to fear and the need to dominate and control – from the erosion of reproductive rights in the US to children dying in isolated menstruation huts in Nepal. The more we understand our own bodies, the stronger we are in the fight against sexism.

– For the environment: learning about your cycle is an amazing opportunity to learn about reusable menstrual products – sponges, cups, pads and pants, there’s so much more on offer than non-biodegradable throwaway crap!

– For activism: being an activist isn’t just about waving a sign at a march. It’s about being active in our own lives, taking back control of our health from a hierarchical medical profession and a corrupt pharmaceutical industry. Knowing your cycle means less dependence on hormonal birth control, improved mental health and living more in tune with the cycles of nature that we are an intrinsic part of.

International Women’s Day is coming up on 8th March…why not get one of the incredible women in your life a place on this course as a thank you for being the wonderful creature she is?!

It’s time to get seriously radical, and there’s nothing more radical than loving your period!”

I’ll be supporting this with a Facebook group – which closes on 2nd March, so join now for access to my online hand holding with live vids, encouragement, propts, mini womb connections and more… all the course materials!

What else am I offering…

Theres still places on The Moon Pause Retreat with Jayne and I.

Ritual Tattooing in Bristol and Wales

Drum Making in Wales.

Plus all my online teachings, meditations, drum journeys, or why not connect with me on Patreon?

I look forward to connecting, creating communtiy, and I send you lots of love and health!

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Balancing our hormones…naturally!

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My top tips for hormone balancing…whether you’re in perimenopause or generally out of balance- these tips will help support coming into balance….hormone imbalance can effect us in so many ways….

* digestion challenges (bloat, constipation, etc)

* Infertility

* difficulty gaining muscle or losing weight

* breast implant illness
* Endometriosis
* Fibroids

* thyroid disease
* adrenal insufficiency
* chronic fatigue
* Estrogen dominance
* painful periods
* irritability (aka ‘inner b*tch) * acne & skin issues
* depression

So what can we do?

DETOX & Look After Our Health

Most of our hormone imbalance comes from over exposure to estrogens- they are everywhere, in our plastics, foods, water, products we use on our body, products we clean our home with…and STRESS causes over production…so we need to detox.

Consider all the above…are you eating clean, filtering your water, using natural body products, natural cleaning products…and are you stressed? For many of us this might feel like a big list to change, so start slowly, ease in to only buying organic food, invest in a good water filter, replace shampoos, face creams, bathroom products with natural ones- even better make your own or find a local producer you can support who makes them (personally I use coconut oil for everything!! yes even toothpaste!) , buy the green cleaning products from the super market and find ways to relax with self care practices- yoga, walks, breath work, a foot bath…just do nothing for a while!

Honestly, its time we all took our health into our own hands and changed our lives for the better….

Below I’ve got 3 recipes for supporting you to detox….first you need to ditch the above and think about daily detoxing- cut out the caffiene (replace with a smoothie), ditch the sugar, the processed foods…support your womb and liver with a womb and liver pack.

Hormone support smoothies

1⁄2 cup of Organic coconut yogurt
1⁄2 cup nut milk of choice
Leaves of 2-3 kale leaves

1-2 handfuls of spinach

1⁄2 medium avocado
1 small banana (or 1⁄2 large one)

1 tblpoon of hemp seeds
1 date (or anything else you want to sweeten it with- Stevia /honey/ agave)
Flavor with herbs such as turmeric, ginger and cinnamon.

Blend and enjoy

Liver Support

1 Apple

Half a lemon

a thumb of ginger

1 garlic clove

1 tbspoon olive oil

add water to thin, blend and enjoy. Drink at least once a week to support the liver.

Hormone Balance smoothie to replace caffiene

I buy all my ingredients from Detox Trading

Raw Cacao

Ashwagandha Powder
Shatavari Powder
Reishi Powder
Chaga Powder
Ginseng Powder
Spirulina Powder
Gotu Kola Powder
Lacuma Powder
Nettle tea (blended to a powder)
Spirulina Powder

I buy all these, mix them (about 3 tablespoons of each) into a kilner jar and each morning spoon a tablespoon into some nut mylk and make a paste, slowly add hot water (or use a blender), add some sweetness to taste and maybe a spoon of coconut oil or stir in some MTC oil (good for the brain)
This a is nutrient dense, medicinal cocoa for the woman on the go!

Look after your Gut- we all know that gut health is vital! So my gut health tips….

Only eat real food- food that nature produces….. Processed food, artificial flavouring, preservatives can cause bloating.

Eat only when you’re truly hungry. Snacking and eating too frequently (less than 4 hours apart) can cause bloat.

Try Probiotics and digestive enzymes to help break down food. By the time we’re 40, we make about half the enzymes that we produced when we were younger. Switch brands now and again to get a new set of cultures inside you- also eat things like Kimchi, Saeukraut, kefir, homemade coconut yogurts.

Drink BEFORE your meal…have a large cup of water while you cook…not while you eat!  Water dilutes your digestive arsenal, causing undigested food that feeds bacteria and causes bloating and gas.

Start with FRUIT. Eat fruit separately from protein and starches. Fruits are easier to digest before a meal. This helps prevent the fermentation and gas that can occur when combining fruit with protein and fat-dense meals.

Watch how your body reacts to dairy and wheat/flour (gluten). Most of us cannot tolerate dairy and wheat, and really dairy is designed for babies…time to grow up! Replace with creamy oat or nut mylks.

CUT OUT, or at least lower sugar intake, use dates, honey, agave, stevia to sweeten foods…..or maybe you are sweet enough?  Other things to avoid: wine, high-sugar alcohol, sports drinks, BBQ sauce, frappy-mocha-caramely coffee, fruit juice….look out for hidden sugars!

Exercise….yoga, rebounder, pilates…vigourous walking….whatever works for you!

Consider what you put on your skin- Your skin eats everything you put on it!

Within 1 minute 70% of what is on your skin goes into your blood stream, toxifying your liver, entering the ovaries and breasts and fat cells. If you think skin cancer is JUST from the sun, think again. We’ve been lied to. The MAIN perpetrator of cancers (primerily skin cancers) are cosmetics, chemical products and sunscreens.

So lastly- deep cleansing is required...because we live in a polluted world! Which means regular liver drinks, juicing, water cleansing, liver packs and ENEMAS!!

Yes, I know no one wants to talk about enemas….but it’s needed! Even before my hormone balancing and cancer healing journey I was doing Dark Moon cleanses and enemas– they are easy once you get the hang of them….so go on, give it a try!

See my other posts for tips on essentail oils, supplements  herbs etc

Supporting Perimenopause Naturally

Use my healing visualisations to connect deeper to your Womb and bring health and balance

Join me in my Broken Basket Woman online teachings, exploring the journey to menopause.

Read my other Blog posts on peri menopause

For  Cycle Charting tools see Moon Times 

To work deeper with me, see my online trainings, and workshops


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