“Pads for the most magical time of the month – handmade by a true shaman queen from my favorite energy-healing place Wales. Pure menstruation magic for my p… anties! 😼

+ As comfortable and effortless as wearing comfy underwear
+ Level of “padding” (absorbency) can be easily adjusted by adding inserts as needed (it’s like customizing your armour in your favorite fantasy RPG)
+ Just cotton – no harmful chemical stuff on your p…rivate parts = breathable, healthy, natural
+ Easily washable / reusable / no waste = save money and save the environment at the same time
+ Great range of beautiful designs to choose from
+ Your order comes with a cute ribbon
+ Possibly enchanted with healing moon mother shaman powers” Jennifer, Germany


‘Moon Times’ truly are amazing. Oh, how I wish these beautiful pads had been around when I was younger. They are comfortable, fun, affordable, practical, environmentally sustainable and ethically produced; not to mention being so much healthier to use than most of the alternative products on the market.

How wonderful it is that we women and girls now have the choice to use cloth pads, sponges or mooncups instead of chemically saturated tampons and disposable pads….and that we live in a time when we can embrace and honour our womanhood and monthly moon cycles the way our ancestors used to in days gone by.

Thank you, lovely Rachael, for turning your dreams and creations into ‘Moon Times’ so that we can all enjoy them!

I remember vividly the day of my first period. I was educated in a convent in Yorkshire and was in the middle of a maths class when I suddenly realised I had ‘started’. I had to wait till the bell went before I could hurry up to the infirmary to ask Sister Cyprian, the school nurse, what I should do. She gave me a paracetamol and sent me down to the ‘laundry’ to see Sister Sylvester; the nun who looked after our clothing and linen.  I was issued with a strange elastic belt that had clips at the front and back, and a bag full of enormous thick white ‘Dr White’s’ sanitary pads. They had loops at each end to attach them to the two clips on the belt, and were disposable. There was nothing discreet about them! Sister Sylvester told me that this marked the beginning of womanhood – which meant I was now ‘unclean’ – and sent me on my way telling me that, on no account, must I discuss this with any of my friends who had not already started their periods.

That was nearly forty years ago and I’m SO glad that things have changed! We live in a society now where most of these kinds of taboos, and archaic religious views about our being ‘unclean’ during, or because of, our moon cycles, have been broken. And we have so much choice when it comes to deciding how to manage our bleeding too!

Speaking as someone who cares passionately about this beautiful planet we live on, I strongly urge anyone who hasn’t yet tried Moon Time pads, or any of the other products on this site, to give them a go. There are many ways that you can ‘be the change you want to see in the world’ and this is one of them. Brigit Strawbridge (BBC’s It’s Not Easy Being Green)

I wish I’d discovered reusable pads years ago, and I am so happy to have found Moon Times now. I have been using the reusable organic pads for only 3 months and I have already noticed an easing of my flow, no pains and a comfort that I did not know was possible. Caring for myself during my moontime has always been part of me and now I have such pretty pads to use too. I am also giving back  to the Earth by not adding to landfill.

At first I had concerns that I would leak or not put enough layers in, and  I needed not to worry – I’ve had no issues and even over night these pads are able to keep me comfy in a way that mass produced, disposables never have.

And following the Moon Times blog has been an eye opener – finding out that disposable, shop bought products are not sterile – OMG!

Thank you to Rachael and her team. Polly

I am in the 3rd month of using your cloth pads and I just wanted to let you know that I love them. I was dubious at first (mainly the thought of having to wash them!) They are comfortable, I don’t leak out the sides like I used to with disposables (and I am not even that heavy!). I can go to bed too knowing there won’t be a blood splat on the sheet when I wake up either! The other thing I like is that when I have my gym kit on, I am not paranoid that there is a bulge at the back, like the disposables made me think. They just seem really discreet. Thank you xxx Shelly, London

I have felt so much healthier, not to mention at one with the world, since I started to use the cloth pads, quite a few years ago now, I think. I used to have recurring bouts of thrush and cystitis, which were so difficult to shift. I suspect due to the ‘breathability’ of your pads, and the lack of chemicals, I have to date avoided the thrush completely, and only rarely needed to resort to a couple of litres of cranberry juice. Many thanks for all you do and I continue to wish you every success in your endeavours, with love, A xxx

Hello Rachael, Just a quick note to say thankyou so much for my order you sent.I am extremely impressed with the quality and thought behind your products. My daughter loved her maiden set. I will be ordering again soon. Bright blessings Star xx

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my pads, it’s the first time for me using anything like this and I have been so so pleased with the quality, comfort and design, I will definitely be getting some more. Sophie

I wanted to tell you how fantastic i’m finding the Ruby Cup i bought from you. I feel so free, and knowing that I had it in the cupboard made me look forward to my 1st period since my second baby. I love that I have one less thing to think about when leaving the house, no extras to drag around in my bag, just the cup which is in me. No leaking, I can’t feel it, and I know that I’m benefiting the environment and other women in Kenya. I’ve never minded my periods, but I’ve never thought of them as special, it feels different now. x Holly, Wales

Your felted wool pads have been amazing, incredible with absorbency, easily coping with postpartum loss and totally easy to wash too! I’m hooked! Emily, Wales

I am loving the wool!  I had my wool pad on all day on day 2 of my heavy period and kept forgetting I was having a period. It was like walking on air. Thank you so much.   Donna, Nottingham

Hi Rachael, This is the third set we have bought from you. This time it is in preparation for my youngest’s first period. My other daughter has helped me choose the ‘right’ things as a surprise for her younger sister as she loved getting her own special set and box. She says it made her feel special. Thank you for making a potentially tricky time much easier. Many thanks,  Anneli Surrey

I just wanted to say thank you for your Menarche book. I wanted to share with my daughter who is only 7 (8 in a few weeks) but is growing pubic hair and breasts and having mood swings, spots and tummy ache cyclically. I was reading it in the car with her after school today while waiting for her brother to come on the bus and began to cry, I did not know it would affect me like that. My poor daughter asked why i was crying and i explained i did not have a mum so i had no one to talk to when i started my periods and we hugged and cried together. She loves the book as she has been feeling alone with things changing in her body so early. So Thank you for this special resource that is perfect for her even though she is so young. Lizzie, Midwife and mother xxx

Whilst planning a year-long adventure to work in West Africa (my first time to a developing area) I wanted to find ways that would not only make my time more comfortable, but create less impact on the delicate environments in which I will be staying (as well as the practical puzzle of where to dispose of my waste). I starting reading on the ‘net, about the use of sponges and wanted to give them a try out.  Rachael at Moon Times was very helpful with answering my questions and ensuring that my order was right for me. The first month was a steep learning curve – the “instructions” were great, but there’s nothing like first-hand experience to work out what works for you. It’s different to tampons, but once you get used to the new routine, it’s freeing! All you need is a rinse of water each time you visit the toilet and then a couple of drops of tea tree oil each month.. and that’s it.  As well as being more comfortable, another bonus that I didn’t realise that I’d feel so strongly about is that they are a LOT more natural. No chemicals, no additives, just natural and organic.  AND I am not leaving a trail of cotton products in my wake as I travel around West Africa. I have been using Moon Sponges for over 2 years and would not go back to tampons (I’m actually gutted that I reached the age of 35 before I discovered MoonSponges). Jennie

A dear sister bought me the starter kit at a Red Tent event. The cotton pads are so comforting to wear and clip easily to place. I was concerned about another job to do of washing them.. but easy to just pop in cold water soak (I do it in the tub they came in..and either then hand wash or machine.)I really like these pads; they way they feel and they look pretty too! Emma, Bristol 

I couldn’t believe how soft and comfortable they were! No more rubbing, sticky bits or rustling sounds! And they look lovely too, they are a pleasure to use. Ruth, Bristol

Thought you might be interested to know that the panty liners are fab for anyone undergoing IVF/fertility treatment. I won’t go into gruesome details but some of the medications are taken “not by mouth” and because they are vegetable fat based (and quite large – tampon size) they melt through normal sanitary pads and into trousers, etc making a heck of a mess, not so with the moon times panty liners. For a treatment cycle you’re on the meds for 2-15+ weeks, so worth the investment in a few of your panty liners & pads (although I love them for ‘normal’ times too!) cheers! Jen

Moon Times offer a range of beautiful sanitary products and good customer service 🙂 Caroline (Stone Age Parenting)

I am loving the pads and liners from my last order. The most comfortable pad I’ve ever worn. Thank you very much! Bea, Northants

I love my mooncup! I can’t imagine ever going back to tampons. Even on my heaviest flow days it copes easily and I only need a small liner to feel fully protected.  Thanks, Jen, Lancs

I wanted to shout from the rooftops just how wonderful the service was from Moon Times/Jam Sponge. From the moment I logged on and read the description of the Jam Sponge, I was blown away by the humorous, frank details. Why should this be a taboo subject? It was refreshing and inspirational. I ordered my Jam Sponge, and if I can be so wierd as to say, that I am looking forward to my next period!!!!!!!!!!!!! The bag is funky, the descriptions for use are wonderful, I don’t mind being told to ‘Wash your hands you minger’!!!!!!!!!!!  It arrived quickly, well packaged, good little freebie things with it. I can see a lot of thought and preparation has gone into this product and its marketing. WELL DONE YOU. Will be telling my friends, family, work colleagues etc etc……. ……………….and another thing. The price is extremely reasonable. The money spent on sanitary products, I am sure, would far outweigh the total cost for the 6 months – 1 year I am told these little spongey things will last. Again I thank you! Sarah

Hi Rachael, I received my order this morning and am very happy.  The pads are sooooo cute and soft and very comfy! I re-ordered another set  immediately !  Best regards, Macha, France

Hi Rachael and all at Moon Times, Just want to drop you a line to let you know how pleased I am with my moon pads. I was really drawn to them when I looked on your web site but somewhere in my heart of hearts I think I was still a little sceptical that they would actually work without leaking. I was very pleasantly surprised that even without dry weave top sheets, super absorbent cores, plastic backing and protective contours THEY DIDN’T LEAK!!! I should know by now not to trust adverts on TV. I love my moon pads; they are soft, practical, pretty, natural and comforting – well done! Much love from a washable pads convert! Claire, Devon

Hi Moon Times, thanks for my Moon Sponges…. I have tried the sponges before  from [another pad company], I thought they were good but one of them tore. I think your site is a little cheaper so thought I would grab the chance to get some more. The sponges I have received from you are more robust so I am very please I bought them!! I will certainly get going with the sticker campaign too!! Thanks for having such lovely environmentally friendly products! Beth, Swansea
I have used sponges for a while now an could never go back to tampax all the time! used one the other day an found it uncomfortable! These are great very very comfortable easy to use and cheap! It takes a while to get used to using sponges but once you get the hang of them there is no going back! thank you Jam Sponge! Christine
A huge thank you, the pads arrived this morning. They were beautifully packaged, like receiving a present. You have been very kind and very helpful with all my emails. I had been looking for a while for a decent alternative to conventional pads/tampons, ever since using washable nappies for my children. It seemed hypocritical to be trying to live as green a lifestyle as possible, but still putting pads in the bin. I did a couple of searches through Google and came across an article of yours on Self Sufficientish. There were links to your web site there. I found a few places selling washable pads, but I was drawn to yours as the whole site felt far more personal, and I agreed with a lot of the things you had written. I have passed your information on to a couple of like minded friends of mine, if that’s ok! Thanks again Rachael, from a very happy customer. Kate, Oxfordshire

I’ve been using a cup for about 3 and a half years now – and I’ve been interviewed on the radio about it!! I like the empowerment of holding a little “chalice” of my own blood with the Mooncup – I’ve made myself a couple of Blood Wands since I’ve been using one – something I wouldn’t have been able to do otherwise. Suzie, Artist, London

Hi, I received my Jam Sponges from you last week and was really excited about getting my period to try them out. Even after having 2 children I have never been able to use tampons and thought I would be stuck with horrible pads for the rest of my life……but no! I have been well and truly converted and to know I am using a more ethical product makes it even better 🙂 Katie, Flintshire

The pads are lovely – seems like a pity to use them only during a period!! (joking) The wee tub for soaking is magic – now I can move the old nappy bucket out of the bathroom! Alison, mum, Glasgow

My pads arrived this morning and I just wanted to write and say thankyou – I’ve been looking forward to wearing them for so long! That might sound strange but I’ve been waiting 18 months for my periods to return after coming of the Depo Provera injection and they finally started again on Saturday! This my first period since I started the injection and it just feels like such a relief to know that I’m back to normal – it makes me feel womanly again. I love the pads (especially the leopard print ones!) and the way you can hardly feel that you’re wearing them at all as they’re so soft. Thanks so much for making such a beautiful product and spreading the message that menstruation is natural and positive. I look forward to using them every month from now on! May, Nottingham

I love my washable pads- for me they are about getting away from the attitude of ‘stick in a tampon and forget you’re bleeding’ and more about honouring your menstruation and the earth. I love watering my garden with my moon blood (from soaking my pads)- I make the whole ritual a sacred ceremony-it’s a beautiful thing to connect to your cycle, the moon and the earth…and to other women. Sarah, Liverpool

Just to thank you very much for the cloth pads, which arrived a couple of weeks ago. They’re fab! Very carefully made, comfortable to wear and easy to use. Emily, London

I used Moon Times pads following treatment for pre-cancerous cells on my cervix. I bled a lot for about 6 weeks and the Moon Times pads had no trouble coping with it. I had no leaks on my clothes and the pads are so easy to wash and quick to dry. They are fab and I recommend them! Lisa, graphic designer, Bristol

I use both your pads and a moon cup on heavy days, as since I have polycystic ovaries I have a very heavy flow. I find both products fantastic!! Thanks for setting me free!! Mary, Exeter

They look – and feel lovely – so soft! Becky, Somerset

For the first time ever I’m really looking forward to bleeding! Tanya, Bristol

They are so much more comfortable than ordinary pads! And prettier too, my friends and I love them! Thanks! Louise (age 14) Bristol

I love using Moon Times ~ the best thing is never having to remember to buy more pads! Victoria, mum, London

I was surprised at how comfortable they were, much better than disposable pads. They felt cosy and secure and felt like I was giving my “lady bits” a special treat with the fun patterns rather than the boring, medical style sanitary protection. Sarah, journalist, Bristol

Using your pads even at night when flow can be heavy reminded me how cloth pads prevent blood flowing onto the sheets (can happen at night with disposable pads), and also feel much more comfy. I think they’re great and trying them is the best way to find that out! Dominique, active birth & yoga teacher, Bristol

Hello, Just a note to say, my Moon Times are amazing! I have had my moon times for a few months now & they are amazing, i have endometriosis & was reading a book that said cloth pads could help, they have made a incredible difference to me even my pain seem to be less intense, i just love them & helping mother earth too! I have found them to be so safe & cosy, I really love the fact that they bring you closer to your own moon time. Thank you so much for all your hard work it really is helping not only us women but mother earth too. I would never even consider going back to the plastic ones. Thank you for the hard work you must put in but it really is making a big difference, I’m going to be buying my niece a set very soon. Thank you, Bright Blessings. Clare, Kent

I have been reading about your wise women tents and workshops and would love to attend one day, I hope one day to be well enough to attend a workshop (I am currently severely ill disabled and bed bound) Thank you for the lovely moon time products that make my day, best wishes to you, many thanks. Grace, Wales

I’d like to recommend Moon Times! They are great, It feels like your not wearing a pad, just feels like having knickers on, maybe because its cloth next to your skin. I have a very heavy flow and can come through good quality disposables in an hour, but have had no problems with these. You can always order one or 2 different types and see how you get on with them! Painted Lady
What a FAB product! The design is better other cloth pads I have tried, I’ll be ordering more! Kelly, Liverpool

I’ve been using cloth pads for a few years now I really am grateful for the meaningful work you do – educating women and supplying your Moon Times. I’m happy to promote and support such a wonderful product! Rachel, naturapath, London
Dear Rachael, I met you at the Create Centre Xmas Fair and bought one of your pads- they are so wonderful, comfy and soft, I’m back to order a while set.. Bleeding on to cloth is such a luxury, I’m finally enjoying my period and I feel I now ‘get’ what all this Women’s Wisdom stuff is about! Kay, jewellery maker, Bristol

I don’t know how I would do without Moon Times for my Moon Time! Steph, Manchester

Moon Times Transistions Moon Cards

I just wanted to thank you for my lovely box set and all the stuff in it is really cool; the affirmation cards are fab. Love Maddie, (age 12) Bristol

I have been using cloth pads for years now and the move away from tampons changed my experience of menstruating completely. I stopped having cramps and stopped worrying about TSS. My sister introduced me to your design and I will never buy anything else again. (I even look forward to my period so that I can wear them.) Thanks. Michelle London
I’ve just started to use your pads, amazingly I don’t have cramps today, and my bleeding is much lighter…it’s a miracle! Hailey, mum, Reading

I used my Moon Times panty liners for the first time last week and enjoyed the light airiness and softness of them. Catriona, Carmarthenshire

Thanks for freeing me from Tena lady! Your incontinence pads work brilliantly and I am no longer guilty of throwing so many pads away! Margery, Merseyside

When I was fifteen years old, I developed anorexia nervosa and over the next three years I was hospitalised four times. It was absolute hell, I cannot possibly describe it to you, I will say though that I have never felt so unsafe, so violated and so abandoned in my life, and hope I never will again. One of the first things I decided at this time was that as long as I wasn’t menstruating, everything was okay, I couldn’t be too fat and therefore life was manageable. I lost my periods quite quickly and they rapidly became this enormously fearful concept – the idea of their reappearance signified failure to me and must never ever happen. There were times, during fleeting moments of wondering what life might be like if I weren’t stuck in this hell, when I considered the possibility of allowing my periods to return. This was so incredibly scary and I searched for a way to make it seem less terrifying. I came across Moon Times. I bought a set of these beautiful creations and over the next few years I would sometimes find myself taking them out of the cupboard, looking at them, and thinking ‘it would be really quite nice to be able to use these.’ It was a shocking thought and scared me in itself! I could see that they were so beautiful and that until I allowed myself to become a woman, I would never have the opportunity to use them. It wasn’t until I was twenty, when I was diagnosed with osteopenia (from the lack of oestrogen caused by lack of menses for four years) that my first period came back. I have to admit, I did not take it well. I felt disgusting, repulsive. Fat. Like a woman. A fully grown, fully functioning woman. (Hence) a failed anorexic. I took blades to my flesh worse than I had done for months, years, since the last hospital admission. And this continued. Every month it came I would silently promise myself ‘this will not happen again.’ I.e. I would lose weight and get rid of them again. Be clean again. Be worth something again. It’s a year on, I’m about to turn twenty-one, and I still bleed every month (though I have to confess that I have tried desperately to stop it at times). I’ve recently been looking into methods of contraception for the first time seriously and when the nurse told me that I could have a progesterone coil which would most probably stop my bleeding altogether; I thought ‘give it to me now!’ My appointment to have it fitted is in two days time and I am now having second thoughts. I read a heart-warming section from ‘Eating in the Light of the Moon’ about our ‘Moontime’ and I had a bizarre (to me) thought, I said to myself ‘why on earth would I want to stop my bleeding?! This is my right as a woman. This is the most fundamental aspect of being a woman. It allows me to be aware of myself, of my body, of my emotional needs and of my connection to the earth. My bleeding and my cycle are what make me different from men, it’s what makes women these complex creatures, mystical and magical, curvy rather than straight!’ I thought ‘if I’m going to be a woman, if I’m going to look like a woman, I’ll bloody well be a real one! If I want to get rid of my periods, I’ll do it with anorexia; I will become a little girl again. But as long as I remain a woman, I will embrace it.’ So I have decided not to have this coil fitted. My beautiful Moon Times were destined to be banished to the back of the cupboard again. No longer am I going to ignore my blood and my nature as a woman (my repulsion at my breasts is the next challenge, which is a much bigger one). Thank you for giving me part of a reason to attempt woman-hood. The whole thing would be so much more distressing if I were to have to shove some ‘dry wad of cotton’ up me and pretend that nothing’s happening. I have decided to share a poem which I wrote one night when I was bleeding. I was lying in bed with my boyfriend, but felt compelled to get up and write.
It is called Dirty Blood. Dirty Blood (2007)
As I bleed, she screams at me: I have failed. I have let my body take over, My greed. I am now a woman; Shame. On me. Banish them again she screams. Out of sight. And I, too, will be out of sight. I will have proven myself, In the most dramatic way; I will disappear, The world will no longer have to suffer me. This is not like the beautiful blood I draw from myself with razor blades. This is not me in control, But my body taking over. I want to feel clean; But I feel dirty. Triona, student, Bristol

The Diva cup order arrived on my birthday!!! And the next day my period started. So … great timing! 😀 I must say I was told they were great, but I was not prepared to the relief I felt, I was in control!! There’s a running joke between my father and I about me using ‘diapers’. That’s because, at least, for the first couple of nights I have to wrap myself with a towel (while using the most absorbent of the disposable pads and trying to be as still as possible). A friend told me she was using moon cups (I read on the internet that diva cups were easier to insert and a tinsy bit bigger) and that she rarely had a leak, but she has heavy flow too (tampons were never useful to her). So I was a little bit optimistic and did not put a towel, but I still used the pad. Wow! just a tiny nothing, a panty liner would have done. See I had to wake up early and get changed until now, and I paid a price every time I stayed in bed for a little longer. My lovely 2yr-old daughter is still breastfeeding and I’m trying not to do any sleep training. So that possibility of staying in bed is wonderful. I can’t stress it enough how useful it has been, and it’s the 3rd day 🙂 I gave a moon cup to each one of my nieces and the other Diva cup is going to my sister. Another thing is thanks for the care you put in sending it. The daughters in flower card and the stickers are great. And yes I live in Santiago at the end of the Camino, I live in the old town. I’m glad you liked the Camino, I did it and was a great experience. I loved your stuff. I have some great ideas for the time when my daughter reaches menarche (yoni cushion, menstrual cups, panty liners, affirmation cards and I would love to attend one of your workshops) but that is till a bit far away :). Thanks again for the care you put and I’m a very satisfied customer who will be buying again (love those yoni cushions, the panty liners, malas and the affirmation cards).and thanks for the job your doing in helping women see their natural cycle as something good! Lots of love, Irene, Spain