Asking for Support….

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It’s quite a thing to publicly ask for money, especially when friends and family have already been so helpful, but the truth is healing costs!! Whilst I maybe saving the NHS some dosh, I’m spending £100s a month on supplements, oxygen therapy, counselling, organic food…. And I would so like a week off from work/being a mum/coping with perimenopause and … Read More

Who are Your Allies?

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For those of us who have been pioneers in the menstrual health field its been a lonely journey for the last 20 years, and it’s been vital for my sanity to have friends who ‘get it’ and support my work, but even with friends who are cycle literate, not many really dive deep and live by their cycle. So then … Read More

Love Zimbabwe Pad Project Update….

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Samara is just back from Zimbabwe with a load of pads, plus some lovely belly binds! She spoke to me about the trip saying this year was more difficult as the rains haven’t come and crops are failing, everyone is desperate to find work so they can feed their families. One of the mothers sent me a letter along with … Read More

Moon Times Love Zimbabwe Pad Making Project

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When my good friend Samara Hawthorne approached me about having pads made by women in Zimbabwe I wasn’t sure, I had always prided myself on my business being UK, sourcing goods and fabrics from other UK businesses, having extra sewing of pads done by women who I knew really needed the work. But over the years Moon Times has expanded … Read More

Ditch The Disposables 2015!

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Once again Moon Times will be joining in the #ditchthedisposables campaign this year and I’m really excited that Tamsin has come on board with me to support homeless women in the UK by providing them with menstrual cups! This is a campaign close to my heart as I spent some time in my early 20’s being homeless with 2 young … Read More