14 Ways to Have a Better Period

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Many women find their period painful and stressful. Here are 14 ways that you might be able to make it less so. 1) Give it a positive name – so many women still refer to it as ‘the curse’ or being ‘on the rag’, at best we talk about it in very quiet ways; ‘its that time of the month’ and … Read More

Is your period making you toxic?

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“I can vividly remember the ‘periods talk’ at school when I was about 11, I was so terrified by the possibility of Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) that I have never, ever used tampons” (A.C. age 35) Most women will have at least a vague awareness of the risk of TSS but it is becoming clear that it is not the … Read More

Questions I get all the time about cloth pads!

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How do I wash and care for my Moon Times® pads? Taking care of your pads is really easy! 1. Remove the inserts from your pocket pad and soak in a bucket of cold water (nappy buckets are good as they have a lid, although some women like to make a moon bowl for soaking their pads or buy a … Read More

Womb Wraps

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  Womb Wraps~ made to nurture, hold and cherish the womb and kidney area. Womb Wraps were born out of a need for holding and comfort, to be wrapped-up, held and supported in a cosy cocoon. They really keep the kidney and whole stomach area toasty and warm. For comfort and warmth on a physical level as well as on … Read More

Ask Aunt Flo, talk to me about Menstrual cups…

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Hi Aunt Flo, what do you think of menstrual cups? Jane, Merseyside So menstrual cups eh? Well they are super convenient, easy to use, way healthier than a tampon and once you’ve bought one theres no more monthly tampon bills!! But I still won’t use one every day, or even every moontime. (I was never really a tampon user, after … Read More

Challenging Menstrual Language….

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This Menstrual Day happening later this month really ruffled my feathers! The wording they have chosen really got me MAD!! Menstrual Hygiene??? Is our moon blood dirty, unhygienic?? I am so sick of advertising telling us how we need to clean up our blood! So I posted about it on my Facebook…and the conversation took off! The woman behind Red … Read More

Take a Sacred Day Each Month.

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Take a Sacred Day Each Month. I see PMT as a modern day disease/dis-ease. In cultures where women are more in tune with nature and their cycles, where they eat ‘real’ (natural) foods, where they work hard but not in offices, not in front of computer screens all day- PMT doesn’t exist! So if we break it down in to … Read More

Ask Aunt Flo…nausea & pain when bleeding

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Dear Aunt Flo My daughter has had her moon time for a year or so now, but experiences such pain she vomits. Do you have any suggestions to help her ease this? Thanks for all your wisdom – Lou. Dear Lou, I am so sorry to hear about your daughter, what an awful experience of her moontime. Firstly lets address … Read More