Fabrics, do they matter?

RachadminMenstrual Health

So what about Fabrics? Why Organic? One of the questions we get asked at Moon Times is why don’t we use fabrics such as “Minky/Minkee” and Fleece? Well fleece and minky might be soft cuddly fabrics, but did you know they are made from CHEMICALS and PLASTICS??? Minky is 100% polyester- Polyester is a “long-chain polymers chemically composed of at … Read More

A day in the life….


Ever wondered what we get up to at Moon Times HQ?! Well heres my 4yr old helping me pack up some pad orders. Heres my new stationary to help me get organised…wipe board to write my daily and weekly tasks on, printer paper (printing off the 500 page Double Your Biz workbook from Leonie Dawson!), hole punch and pretty files … Read More