Day by day make it new…Moon Times Newsletter

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“As the sun makes it new, day by day makes it new, everyday make it new” – Ezra Pound Hello Dear Hearts As September draws to a close and the moon is waxing it is still surprisingly warm! What a beautiful autumn full of colour and sunshine.   My offerings to you this fortnight is to think about how you … Read More

Charting? Whats it all about?….Newsletter

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Midsummer Greetings! This week at MoonTimes HQ we have been making the most of the sunshine, spending lots of time in the garden and enjoying the Summer Fair at the local Steiner school.  Its meant that I’ve even been sewing and making in the sunshine, check the shop for new felted pads. This weeks discussion topic is Cycle Charting, do … Read More

Ask Aunt Flo…..Coming off the Pill…..

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Dear Aunt Flo, I’d like to ask about coming off all hormonal contraception, a place to read positive stories of this maybe, or a book? And learning to know your cycle..natural birth control. Katrina Hi Katrina, wow, thats a big question- but a really good one! I’ll start with recommending 2 books- The Pill Are You Sure Its for You? … Read More

Moon Times Charting Journal sample pages….

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Ever wondered what is in the journal?    …here are some sample pages… Moon Times® Cycle Charting Journal For women who want to chart their cycle naturally: Includes information on your cycle, your hormonal changes throughout the month, natural methods to chart your fertility and has a 400 page journal to guide you through your cycle! Set includes a moon calendar and moon … Read More

In Search of ‘Natural’ Contraception

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Unedited version of the article published in issue 30 of Juno Magazine I feel let down by medical contraception, doctors ‘sell’ it to you as a simple and convenient way to enjoy sex without getting pregnant, well that certainly hasn’t been my experience. If I asked my doctor about ‘Natural Contraception’ her response would be that the dose of hormones … Read More

ponders on contraception…

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Having been reading the Selling of Contraception… (see article here ) It’s left me wondering how it came to be that women began to hand their health over to men? After a herstory (history) of women healers using their intuition, along come men and science who then take the power (remember the ‘witch’ burning?) and start feeding us drugs and … Read More