Dark Moon Rituals

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Traditionally the dark moon is a time to retreat inwards and if our moontime co-insides with the dark moon we may feel its a little easier to pull away from everyday tasks, take some quiet time and create a beautiful ritual for yourself, or to share with others. But why does this happen? What influence is the moon having on … Read More

Gathering our Bundles…..Newsletter

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Hello Lovely ones! The end of November has come by all too quickly and our minds are probably turning to Yule time, so I’m offering a discount on “bundles”…see below for some suggestions of Moon times goodies that might make perfect gifts! In my womens circles I encourage women to take time out each month, whether its at their moontime, … Read More

Full Moon Ceremony

Rachael CrowMoon Lodge/Red Tent, Musings

Full Moon Ritual In 2012 I was co-running a Full Moon Ritual and Moon Lodge, the ritual has been handed down a line of women from Seneca Elder Grandmother Twyla right down to women in the UK  including my friend Hoppi Wimbush here in West Wales. The ritual itself is simple but the wisdom and healing women bring to each … Read More