2017 Top Ten Moon Time Products!

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Moon Times top ten products of 2017 Jam Sponges at the no. 1 spot for the 3rd year running!!! Cloth Pads! Cloth pads are becoming more and more popular- interesting that they are way higher than cups. Moon Sponges… Moon Sponges are catching up…last year they were no.5…they nudged up to no.3 🙂 watch out Jam Sponge! Panty Liners are catching on for those … Read More

Cloth Pads….do they really work??

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Cloth pads; also known as moon pads, mama cloth, rags (what do you call yours??!!)…do they work? Loads of women have made the switch to cloth – so whats stopping you?  The most common question has to be- do they work? Are they really absorbent? And I can honestly say YES!! I get emails from happy women everyday telling me … Read More