Top Tips for a Sacred Moon Time

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Aunt Flo had an awesome time at her party on Thursday night and her friends came up with some amazing tips for how to make your moon time special, they were so good they deserve to be shared with as many women as possible…enjoy… ****** Have  a special, sacred bowl to bleed into during a meditation – so empowering! – … Read More

Thirteen Moons Journey (non residential) for Local Women (Pembs, Wales) with Rachael Hertogs

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Join me and a circle of women, in this 13 month long journey in the Womens Mysteries; shamanic drum making, ceremony, meditation, Jade egg practices, Red Tent and Moon Lodge wisdom, Sacred Scars*, circling, chanting, crafting, touching nature, staying up to watch the sunrise, all night vigil and connecting with our ancestors…. The Thirteen Moons journey will deepen your connection … Read More

Using a talking piece…or not?

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When taking part in circle, such as at a Red Tent its important to find ways to help manage the conversation.  As you might imagine, bringing women together creates plenty of talk!  It may be that your Red Tent circle is, at times at least, quite informal and conversation can just flow freely and not need any management.  However if … Read More

Red Tent Activation in 6 Languages with DeAnna Lam

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Does Your Soul Remember The RED TENT? The Circles of Maidens, Mothers, Grandmothers, and Ancestors… Re-Member, Re-Activate & Re-claim Your Cellular Memories of the Red Tent – In 6 Languages! English Italian French Spanish Hebrew German FREE to Women of the World! Weave the Red Web from your corner of the World, Listen to words spoken in your language, Let different … Read More

Red Tent Movie DVD Giveaway!

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Hello Wonderful Women!! Giveaway Time!  I am giving 3 Red Tent DVDS- YES 3!!! To Womens Groups in the UK and EU! As I’m sure you’re all very well aware I’m not able to ask you to ‘like and share’ from my facebook page as its against the FB rules!   to be in with a chance of your group … Read More