Autumn Weavings in our Women and Girls Lodge

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This month our focus in our lodge has been the Autumn Equinox…sharing the harvest and giving thanks! So we decided the perfect way to celebrate with our Women and Girls Lodge would be to make soup of our vegetable harvest…which everyone helped with the chopping and stirring on the fire! We collected wild berries to make into a delicious jam, … Read More

Back to school…..Newsletter

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Greetings Sistars! I am just gently landing at home after being away for our annual family holiday at Dancing Spirit Camp. We had a great time though it rained while we packed up- it’s never great to be bringing home wet tents! You can definitely feel that the year is on the turn now and it’s not long before children … Read More

A Moon Lodge Blessing

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A Moon Lodge Blessing  In May 2006 my beautiful 16ft tipi was transformed in to a Moon Lodge at Sacred Arts Camp. Women came to help put it up and we decorated it with hangings- one of Tara, another which was an amazing hand sewn ‘birth rug’, we hung red fabrics, saris, old curtains. We had lush velvety cushions, duvets, … Read More

I want to normalise rites of passage…

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I want ALL girls to be excited and look forward to celebrating their Menarche! And I believe this can only happen is they attend and witness their sisters, cousins, and friends being honoured and celebrated! Which is why, this month, my womens circle and I are holding a “Community Menarche Ceremony”. We are inviting a small group of families (yes, … Read More

Auction Special…..see what’s on offer!

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So here we are….you get to see exactly whats on offer from all the AMAZING women who have donated their gifts to support this Community Red Tent! (Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!) To take part in the Auction do join the Red Tent Facebook event and see how it works! Here we go…the Auction Items …in no particular order! … Read More

Here comes Spring!… Newsletter

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Dearest Sisters, Spring is definitely in the air at last with longer days and (slightly) warmer temperatures! Things are busy here at Moon Times HQ and I want to say welcome and thank you to all my new subscribers, I hope you like what you find here. Have you been watching DeAnna Lams Red Tent Summit? The subject this year … Read More

Red Tent Auction… Newsletter

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Dear Sistars! I am so excited this week to be writing to tell you about our amazing Community Red Tent Auction and Raffle. The auction is happening via Facebook over the Spring Equinox weekend, 20th-21st March. We have been absolutely blown away by the generosity of our donors, there really is something for everyone and something to suit every pocket. … Read More

The Community Red Tent Project Explained

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The Community Red Tent Project – West Wales – 2015    Women are asking me why sponsor or donate to a red tent for somebody else. …and I wanted to explain what the idea behind this community red tent is. Because this isn’t a red tent for me, and its not a red tent for a particular group….its a red tent … Read More