Viva La Revolution!

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Viva La Revolution! You may not have noticed it…but there’s a revolution happening…. “Is there? A revolution? What kind of revolution?” A Menstrual Revolution….menstruation, periods, cycles, pads, moon cups…they are being mentioned everywhere! Menstruation is finally out of the closet! And what a relief…..because, I for one, don’t want to hold the shame, discomfort, embarrassment or DISEMPOWERMENT of what not … Read More

[guest post] Blood Stains by Karin Chandler

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Karin blogs at Red Wisdom, see more of her posts and her work here More and more women seem to be embracing the zeitgeist of washable menstrual pads. You can buy them in all manner of beautiful patterns and colours. Some women put up pictures of their colourful stash on Facebook, be these rainbow, leopard print, flowery or paisley patterned. … Read More