Autumn Weavings in our Women and Girls Lodge

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This month our focus in our lodge has been the Autumn Equinox…sharing the harvest and giving thanks! So we decided the perfect way to celebrate with our Women and Girls Lodge would be to make soup of our vegetable harvest…which everyone helped with the chopping and stirring on the fire! We collected wild berries to make into a delicious jam, … Read More

Helping you to prepare for her first period

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As you may know, here at Moon Times we are passionate about helping reclaim womens rites of passage, especially Menarche.  The way a young woman is supported at the time of her menarche can have long reaching effects on her life as she grows into womanhood.   As a mother you might be wondering where to begin to help her … Read More

Menarche and Red Tent Celebrations ….Newsletter

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Blessings SiStars! Goddess what a month May has been so far! Read below about the ceremonies I’ve taken part in….I’ve had a month of finding more balance in life, evenings with my family having food and fires on the beach, as well as time in the garden planting foods and flowers. We are in another Mercury Retrograde so I’m being mindful … Read More

I want to normalise rites of passage…

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I want ALL girls to be excited and look forward to celebrating their Menarche! And I believe this can only happen is they attend and witness their sisters, cousins, and friends being honoured and celebrated! Which is why, this month, my womens circle and I are holding a “Community Menarche Ceremony”. We are inviting a small group of families (yes, … Read More

Love your flow… Newsletter


Greetings Sistars! How is it March already?! That said it does mean that Spring is arriving, whilst the winds are still on the cold side there is more sunshine about and the bulbs are starting to sprout and share a little colours.  Before we know it the clocks will have moved and it might start feeling a bit warmer! In … Read More

Does your Moontime know its Xmas?….. Newsletter

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Hello My Lovelies Well I don’t think it can be denied any longer that Xmas (or Solstice depending on your preference) is just around the corner now.  I’m sure your fed up with being bombarded with bad Xmas music and flashing lights everywhere you go.  Here at Moon Times we won’t assault your senses but we can offer you some … Read More

A birthday treat from me to you… Newsletter

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Hello Dear Sisters Its my birthday on Tuesday! And in the tradition of bringing treats into work to share when its your birthday, my treat to you is 14% off everything (excluding sale items) in the Moon Times shop for 24 Hours Only! Get 14% off on Tues 14th October using the code: BIRTHDAY at checkout!  If not for yourself, … Read More

Back to school….. Newsletter

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Autumn Greetings! The temperatures are cooling and the leaves are starting to change and for many of us its back to school week for the children.  This morning found me up early making elderberry and rosehip syrup and blackberry and apple jam, delicious support for the colder months from mother nature.   I’ve been sharing some Ask Aunt Flo posts on … Read More

Lammas Tidings, DVDS and books available…Newsletter

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Greetings Dear Ones! We arrive into Lammas with beautiful balmy, warm weather, so appropriate for the first harvest, the grain harvest. Lammas (1st August) is ‘Loaf Mass’ and is a holy day to honour the women who created agriculture.  Grains are food, medicine and decoration and when not heavily processed are a blessing in our lives.  How are you honouring … Read More