Fabrics, do they matter?

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So what about Fabrics? Why Organic? One of the questions we get asked at Moon Times is why don’t we use fabrics such as “Minky/Minkee” and Fleece? Well fleece and minky might be soft cuddly fabrics, but did you know they are made from CHEMICALS and PLASTICS??? Minky is 100% polyester- Polyester is a “long-chain polymers chemically composed of at … Read More

14 Ways to Have a Better Period

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Many women find their period painful and stressful. Here are 14 ways that you might be able to make it less so. 1) Give it a positive name – so many women still refer to it as ‘the curse’ or being ‘on the rag’, at best we talk about it in very quiet ways; ‘its that time of the month’ and … Read More

Is your period making you toxic?

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“I can vividly remember the ‘periods talk’ at school when I was about 11, I was so terrified by the possibility of Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) that I have never, ever used tampons” (A.C. age 35) Most women will have at least a vague awareness of the risk of TSS but it is becoming clear that it is not the … Read More

Blood Magic


Have you ever used your menstrual blood in ritual and magic? Every month you have an opportunity to set intentions (many people like to sow seeds of intention with the new moon), so why not add some of your own magical blood and mix your DNA into your intentions? A few weeks ago I was in a birth workshop where we … Read More

Post Partum Care for Mamas

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Moon Times cloth pads are the perfect gift for a new mama, who needs soft cloth against their delicate tissue after birth- and they are long, really absorbent and so comfy! Using cloth means your skin can breathe and heal efficiently and these extra long pads with their bamboo inner are ideally sized and super absorbent to give full protection- … Read More

Jam Sponges and Jam Rags- whats in a name?

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I like to think of Jam Sponges and “Jam Rags” as the menstrual equivalent of Marmite- you either love them or hate them! But the proof is in the pudding as they say, because Jam Sponges outsell Moon Sponges  and our black and red “Jam Rags” are really popular- so loads of women must love them!   Whats the difference … Read More