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Women ask: – How do I launch a Red Tent? – How can I reach more women? – How can I SUSTAIN my Red Tent & GROW it? I’d like to point you to some solid answers! Like You, women around the world yearn to hold Red Tents. But – Desire isn’t enough… Women begin with a Bang and then … Read More

Join me on the Red Tent Summit

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Dear Sisters, Women talk daily about where the world is going to… Women are yearningto gather in supportive, empowering circles… Women are at a lossabout where to begin… I have answers for you! And I’d like to share themas a sister in a circle of women experts, gathered by my colleague DeAnna L’am to inspire you to create and expand … Read More

Auction Special…..see what’s on offer!

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So here we are….you get to see exactly whats on offer from all the AMAZING women who have donated their gifts to support this Community Red Tent! (Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!) To take part in the Auction do join the Red Tent Facebook event and see how it works! Here we go…the Auction Items …in no particular order! … Read More