Ask Aunt Flo…..Coming off the Pill…..

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Dear Aunt Flo, I’d like to ask about coming off all hormonal contraception, a place to read positive stories of this maybe, or a book? And learning to know your cycle..natural birth control. Katrina Hi Katrina, wow, thats a big question- but a really good one! I’ll start with recommending 2 books- The Pill Are You Sure Its for You? … Read More

And the winner of the Menarche book is….

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and the winner has been picked!! Jayne Mcalister Davies!!! You win a copy of my Menarche a Journey into Womanhood  book <3 and those of you who missed out you can purchase a copy from me at a discount on my book’s FB page

Cloth Pads….do they really work??

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Cloth pads; also known as moon pads, mama cloth, rags (what do you call yours??!!)…do they work? Loads of women have made the switch to cloth – so whats stopping you?  The most common question has to be- do they work? Are they really absorbent? And I can honestly say YES!! I get emails from happy women everyday telling me … Read More

It’s all about Menstrual Cups!

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Hello my lovelies! Here’s a quick newsletter to update you on whats going on at Moon Times this week…. What glorious weather its been after a very blustery weekend! I was at the Pembrokeshire Green Fayre this weekend and once again I was shocking women by showing them menstrual cups, sponges and cloth pads! I even had farmers asking if … Read More

FREE Solstice Gift from Moon Times

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Happy Solstice!! This is a very quick post just to let you know that I am celebrating Solstice by offering you all a FREE Kindle version of my Menarche, A Journey into Womanhood book! (from today until Sunday- do let friends know!) From UK Amazon site it can be found here,–Journey-into-Womanhood-ebook/dp/B00DHKT9OS/ref=la_B00DI6SMBC_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1371746176&sr=1-1 If you are outside the UK, please go to … Read More

In Search of ‘Natural’ Contraception

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Unedited version of the article published in issue 30 of Juno Magazine I feel let down by medical contraception, doctors ‘sell’ it to you as a simple and convenient way to enjoy sex without getting pregnant, well that certainly hasn’t been my experience. If I asked my doctor about ‘Natural Contraception’ her response would be that the dose of hormones … Read More