What do you mean I’m in autumn?!

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Have you over heard a friend saying “oh I’m in autumn” and wondered what the heck she means when its 30 degrees and definitely summer outside? Well it’s pretty likely she is referring to her menstrual cycle. No, really, bear with me on this one. Roughly speaking a womans menstrual cycle lasts around  four weeks and can be broken down … Read More

Why did I try to put the kettle in the fridge?!


Do you have times where you do random things like trying to put the kettle in the fridge instead of the milk? Asking someone to pass you the butter from the oven? Do you have trouble articulating properly, forgetting words for things or being unable to explain what you want? Are you sometimes barely able to string two words together? … Read More

10 Ways to Help with Heavy Flow

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Heavy menstrual bleeding happens to a lot of women, and for the most part they tend to see it as normal.  If you were to visit your GP about it, it is very likely that you would be offered medication to help stop or lighten the flow or be offered the contraceptive pill in an attempt to improve it. (Read … Read More

The Why and How of Yoni Steaming

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Yoni steaming has received a mixed press in the last 12 months after Gwyneth Paltrow admitted that its something that she does.  As ever the ‘medical experts’ insist there is no evidence that steaming is beneficial, but it could be argued that there is no evidence because nobody has done a scientific research paper on it! Yoni steaming as a … Read More

I want to normalise rites of passage…

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I want ALL girls to be excited and look forward to celebrating their Menarche! And I believe this can only happen is they attend and witness their sisters, cousins, and friends being honoured and celebrated! Which is why, this month, my womens circle and I are holding a “Community Menarche Ceremony”. We are inviting a small group of families (yes, … Read More

Step into Spring…Moon Times Newsletter

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Sunny Greetings Sisters! It has been a glorious few days over Easter here in the wilds of West Wales, we’ve had a lovely time hunting eggs and being out on the land.  I wonder how your holidays have been? First and foremost I want to say a huge thankyou to all those who took part in the Red Tent Auction. … Read More

Welcoming in the new….Newsletter


Happy New Year Dear Ones! Welcome to 2015! It’s been such a busy start to the new year I haven’t had a chance to write to you all until now, but there are so many wonderful things happening here at Moon Times HQ I had to make time to say hi and tell you about a few things. The Red … Read More

Day by day make it new…Moon Times Newsletter

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“As the sun makes it new, day by day makes it new, everyday make it new” – Ezra Pound Hello Dear Hearts As September draws to a close and the moon is waxing it is still surprisingly warm! What a beautiful autumn full of colour and sunshine.   My offerings to you this fortnight is to think about how you … Read More

Blood, tears…and Stains!

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I get so many questions about cleaning pads, the best way to keep them fresh looking and stain free! And whilst I can understand wanting something to keep ‘looking new’ for as long as possible, there is something deep rooted in us that triggers shame when we can’t get things clean, even more so if the stains are from a … Read More

Charting? Whats it all about?….Newsletter

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Midsummer Greetings! This week at MoonTimes HQ we have been making the most of the sunshine, spending lots of time in the garden and enjoying the Summer Fair at the local Steiner school.  Its meant that I’ve even been sewing and making in the sunshine, check the shop for new felted pads. This weeks discussion topic is Cycle Charting, do … Read More