FREE Solstice Gift from Moon Times

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Happy Solstice!! This is a very quick post just to let you know that I am celebrating Solstice by offering you all a FREE Kindle version of my Menarche, A Journey into Womanhood book! (from today until Sunday- do let friends know!) From UK Amazon site it can be found here,–Journey-into-Womanhood-ebook/dp/B00DHKT9OS/ref=la_B00DI6SMBC_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1371746176&sr=1-1 If you are outside the UK, please go to … Read More

Moon Times Charting Journal sample pages….

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Ever wondered what is in the journal?    …here are some sample pages… Moon Times® Cycle Charting Journal For women who want to chart their cycle naturally: Includes information on your cycle, your hormonal changes throughout the month, natural methods to chart your fertility and has a 400 page journal to guide you through your cycle! Set includes a moon calendar and moon … Read More