Alchemical Womb Centre Meditation for Healing & Balance


This womb meditation is a unique healing experience, bringing balance to the hormones, tapping you into the mini energy centres of the cervix, womb and ovaries and bringing opportunity to recalibrate the energy of your womb centre as you coming into health and balance. Within the womb space is the power of alchemy and magic, when we deeply connect into this space…well, who knows what magic we can do! So join me in accessing this place of power, healing, alchemy and magic.

(for the visual of the energy centres we are working with, see the image in the product description)

This visualisation is something to add to your “Womb Love tool box”- to bring balance, healing and deeper womb connection.

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I do hope you enjoy this meditation, it is a healing session for you, rest afterwards, be gentle with yourself, drink plenty of water. Do not listen to while driving or operating machinery!