Transition Essence from Clarity Vibration


Transition Essence is useful in times of change, where there is a need for support from feeling negative, anxious, unsure or unsettled. This blend helps with clearing negativity and self doubt in times of transition. It grounds and soothes the heart to manifest a protective space.

The 100ml atomiser spray is made up from a blend of vibrational essences and essential oils.


Transition Essence This is a blend of tree and crystal essences that have been charged with solar and lunar energies. Complimentry Essential Oils have also been added to support the action of the essences. Key words for this Essence Transition ~ Change ~ Grounding ~ Protection ~ Clearing ~ Love Manifesting ~ Integration ~ Support ~ Boundaries ~ Rites of Passage Uplifting ~ Holding ~ Kundalini Awakening ~ Focus ~ Release Innate Knowledge ~ Self Confidence ~ Inner Guidance ~ Organisation Affirmation ~ Shedding limited patterns and beliefs ~ Energising ~ Growth

This formulation has been uniquely crafted to dispel emotional negativity and support in the manifestation of change. It offers a soothing protective space around you to aid the elimination of fear, uncertainty, self doubt and anxiety. A greater sense of self and an improved focus on future visions and plans may be experienced with continued use of the Transition Essence blend. There is a renewed commitment to move forward on one’s path, whilst releasing old outmoded patterns and shedding limiting belief systems. Enhanced emotional stability can be felt using this formula, enabling one to move forward despite external objections, obstacles or negative influences being projected towards you. A brighter outlook and a sense of reassurance may be felt which in turn supports the heart chakra to remain open to joy and happiness. The grounding aspect, of this essence, encourages states of higher consciousness by bringing us back into our body and into our essential selves, gifting us new insight in to ways of being. Transition Essence offers a sensitive balm to aid and ease the passge of growth. A loving, nurturing sensation which stabilizes and calms, whilst strengthening one to create the change they wish to see in life.