Interlabial Pads (set of 5)


Interlabial pads are worn externally, and can be be rolled or folded and placed between your outer labia.

You will recive 5 different pads. Patterns may vary from image, our interlabial pads are made from the off cuts of pads, so reducing waste but it means they are all different shapes and sizes!

They are made from a mix of patterned fabric, organic soft flannelette and bamboo towelling layers.

They can be worn alone or with a cloth pad, they’re great protection against gushing and at night time helping to channel the flow into your pad
They create extra protection any day of your period, alone or with a pad/liner
Use one for very light days, use instead of a panty liner
They work well with a menstrual cup to catch any leaks
They can be used as an security for light (laugh/sneeze) incontinence

Remember to be sure to hold onto the end of the pad as you sit down on the toilet, to avoid it falling in!!

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