Goddess Pad Sets


These sets are limited edition Goddess sets , have a browse to find your perfect set!

The top of each pad/panty liner is natural soft flannelette, the bottom is organic patterned cotton.

Pads have 2 cotton inserts inside.

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The ‘pocket’ design of Moon Times pads, with the wings and choice of different inserts is extremely efficient. Choosing the right inserts for the absorbency of your flow, the pads will absorb very effectively, leaving you feeling fully protected. Pads fasten quickly and easily with a press stud/popper and fit snugly and securely.

Pads are made from soft cottony  flannelette (brushed cotton). Cotton is a natural material that has been used for 1000s of years, it is breathable and so doesn’t cause skin irritations or sweatiness like some disposables. For added absorbency the inserts can be mixed and matched- the hemp and bamboo create a super absorbent inner core!

Moon Times Cloth Panty Liners are for the lighter days at each end of your moontime, and are suitable for slight incontinence. Patterned, coloured and organic panty liners are made from soft flannelette and they fasten quickly and easily with a small press stud! Colours and patterns vary.

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Image shows some of the patterns available, actual pad designs come up with the option chosen.