Moon Times Pads and Moon Pants- The soft and comfortable alternative to disposable pads!

Our cloth pads are hand made from breathable cotton, leaving you feeling confident & fresh, the come in an array of sizes and colours with inserts to suit all flows. . .The whole pad (including inserts) gets changed when you need a fresh pad. For most women one of our ‘sets’ will be enough pads for the month but some women prefer to have extras just in case.

Moon Pants are full briefs with a cotton and bamboo gusset for protection. These come in different thicknesses for all flows.

We use all the products we sell so do contact us if you need advice.

Alexandra Pope recommends cloth pads in her book The Wild Genie:
“The safest product to use is the reusable cotton pad, ideally made from organic cotton. You would be doing yourself and the planet an enormous service by using them. Whilst the initial reaction to cloth pads is not always favourable, once a woman has worn them something changes. Over time their feelings about their menstruation become more positive. The reusable pads help make menstruation a little more special.”

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