Moon Times® Moon Cycle Malas


Moon Times®  Moon Cycle Malas are for women who want to chart their cycle naturally. 

'Moon Cycle Malas' are a string of mala beads coloured to help you identify the days in your menstrual cycle where you are likely to become pregnant if you have unprotected sex. 

“Give yourself time to tune in and reclaim your cyclic nature. Write a short journal entry everyday. The rewards for doing this are beyond measure. You’ll feel connected to life in a whole new way, with increase respect for yourself and your magnificent hormones.” Dr Christiane Northrup

Moon Cycle Malas come with full instructions on how to use.

RED mala beads mark the days you are not likely to become pregnant
CLEAR mala beads mark the days you are most likely to become pregnant.

Moon Cycle Malas can
o Assist you in understanding and connecting with your body
o Assist you in learning to track your menstrual cycle
o Assist your partner in feeling more involved in family planning

Moon Cycle Malas are based on the method of family planning that works for women who have cycles between 26 and 32 days.

Disclaimer: These mala beads should not be used to replace contraceptives, as it cannot be guaranteed to be accurate. It is not a contraceptive device. It is intended to represent the “average” cycle, and to be used by women interested in tracking their cycles. Using these mala beads to help prevent pregnancy is done so at your own risk.

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