Post Partum Pad Set with Bag


These cloth pads are perfect for new mums who need soft cloth against their delicate tissue after birth- and they are long, really absorbent and so comfy! Using cloth means your skin can breathe and heal efficiently and these extra long pads with their bamboo inner are ideally sized and super absorbent to give full protection- so mum can relax and enjoy her baby.

Price is per set of 6 pads....image gives examples of colours available, contact us to request specific designs.

Pads are made from soft cottony flannelette (brushed cotton). Cotton is a natural material that has been used for 1000's of years, it is breathable and so doesn't cause skin irritations or sweatiness like some disposables. For added absorbency the insert is made from bamboo creating a super absorbent inner core.

The design of these pads- extra long with a belt means they fit snugly and securely and absorb very efficiently, making you feel fully protected.

They sit securely in your knickers without the belt or with the belt pads can be worn without knickers!

Set includes: 6 long pads with bamboo towelling inserts, 1 extra insert, hand made draw-string bag and a pad belt.

Choose from: various patterns, red , black or a mix of patterns ( these pads are not organic)

For details of our patterns and colours of pads see our Limited Edition page

At Moon Times we recommend spraying pads with some water and a few drops of soothing essential oils added (lavender, chamomile, calendula or rose) and putting pads in the freezer before use- a cool pad against swollen delicate skin is very soothing. We recommend Welcome World Perineum Wash for after birth…see

Moon Times Pads are really easy to use!
 Thread the belt through the loops at each end & wear like a g-string. If you are using cloth pads in hospital you will need your partner/friend to take your pads home & wash. Make sure you have enough as you can bleed heavily after birth & use as many as 4-6 pads a day in the first few days. Be sure to have some spare pads as a back up. 

Do you have more questions? See our Frequently Asked Questions page where you may find the answer!

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