Washable Organic & Patterned Cloth Pads & Panty Liners, Moon Sponges & Cups are becoming more and more popular; they are the comfortable & safe alternatives to disposables; free from bleaches, irritants and chemicals!

We also stock many other products for cycle charting, moon lodges and red tents.

Many of our products will last for years and save you money- being kind to your purse whilst being kind to the planet!

Reusable menstrual products are safer for your body and more cost effective; they are not a step back in time but a positive step towards our planet's well being!

Alexandra Pope recommends cloth pads in her book The Wild Genie:

"The safest product to use is the reusable cotton pad, ideally made from organic cotton. You would be doing yourself and the planet an enormous service by using them. Whilst the initial reaction to cloth pads is not always favourable, once a woman has worn them something changes. Over time their feelings about their menstruation become more positive. The reusable pads help make menstruation a little more special."

Miranda Gray - Spiritual Messages for Women.

"Feminine wisdom for the menstrual cycle
Our bleeding time is the sacred time to turn within. The time to feel loved and healed.
The time of being restored and guided.
If you don't stop and withdraw, you will miss the gifts of this wonderful time."


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