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The History of MOON TIMES®

"Whenever I have my period, I have the feeling that in spite of all the pain, discomfort and mess, I’m carrying around a sweet secret. So even though it’s a nuisance, in a certain way I’m always looking forward to the time when I’ll feel that secret inside me once again.” Anne Frank 

I first came across cloth pads when I was researching alternatives to disposable nappies- in 1989- I thought it was great- save money and the planet! My mother was horrified-it reminded her of the 'rags' of her youth! But I was determined to follow my instincts and use my washable pads anyway- in the late 80’s advertising was telling us to shove a tampon up us and get on with life- and my body told me to rest, regenerate and reflect while I was bleeding. 

So with no design or sewing experience I made my own Moon Times® - choosing pretty coloured and patterned cotton flannelette. They felt more like attractive underwear than a huge sticking plaster! Then I began making pads just for friends and family. After experimenting with various designs I have created (what I think is) the perfect pad that has wings for extra security, fastens easily and quickly press studs and comes with a variety of ‘inserts’ for different flows.

 When my daughter became a menstruating young woman- I gave her a gift of Moon Times- at first she was unsure, having been given the free packs and the info (from a certain tampon company) at school and the slight brainwashing of ‘periods are dirty, blood should be hidden away’, but of course she had grown up with me as her mum and soon embraced her Moons- she even took them to a sleepover and soon her friends were asking me to make them! 

I still sew some of the pads myself but also outsource and have some students and single parents working for me. I was a single mum when I began the business and so it feels reallys good to support lone mums in this way. Work is flexible and they are able to work from home making the pads in their own time.

Because of having a baby & a toddler I only work part time, I keep my work to the day time in school hours where possible and try to keep weekends as ‘family time’. I have learned to say ‘no’ to work when I know life will become to busy and stressful- if I want to keep myself de-stressed, I need to keep a healthy balance of home and work life! 

I am enthusiastic about all aspects of my business; teaching my workshops and Reiki I can encourage and empower people to make positive changes in their lives. Expanding my sales of Moon Times® pads helps me to make a small difference environmentally and raise awareness around taking steps to be more eco-friendly- which is a cause I have been passionate about all my life! And yes, I do use my own pads! I have happily bled on to my cotton pads since 1989, for me washing them has helps me ground and connect to my cyclic nature. For more information about my workshops and classes click here

Our Mission Statement:

At Moon Times®: We empower people in body appreciation, environmental awareness and self-respect through the use of eco menstrual products. 

We believe a healthy appreciation of our bodies and ourselves can be learnt through menstruation. 

We believe when people are aware of the benefits of a sustainable, healthy, economically viable and comfortable alternative, they appreciate the contribution they can make by choosing alternative menstrual products. 


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