Does your Moontime know its Xmas?….. Newsletter

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Hello My Lovelies Well I don’t think it can be denied any longer that Xmas (or Solstice depending on your preference) is just around the corner now.  I’m sure your fed up with being bombarded with bad Xmas music and flashing lights everywhere you go.  Here at Moon Times we won’t assault your senses but we can offer you some … Read More

Time to Ditch the Disposables?!… Newsletter

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Greetings Dear Ones, The weather is definitely turning on us at last, the temperatures are much cooler and you can’t help but notice that Xmas is suddenly around the corner!  Don’t forget we have a gifts section in the shop, but to be fair almost everything we sell would make a great gift for the natural woman! Our involvement in … Read More

Releasing the old, calling in the new…. Newsletter

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Greetings Sisters! Samhain is upon us!  The ending and the beginning of the Celtic year. A liminal time when the veil between the worlds is thin, we may feel our ancestors are close.  A time for releasing all your old ‘stuff’ from the year that is ending and a chance to call in something new that can germinate in the … Read More

A birthday treat from me to you… Newsletter

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Hello Dear Sisters Its my birthday on Tuesday! And in the tradition of bringing treats into work to share when its your birthday, my treat to you is 14% off everything (excluding sale items) in the Moon Times shop for 24 Hours Only! Get 14% off on Tues 14th October using the code: BIRTHDAY at checkout!  If not for yourself, … Read More

Day by day make it new…Moon Times Newsletter

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“As the sun makes it new, day by day makes it new, everyday make it new” – Ezra Pound Hello Dear Hearts As September draws to a close and the moon is waxing it is still surprisingly warm! What a beautiful autumn full of colour and sunshine.   My offerings to you this fortnight is to think about how you … Read More

Back to school….. Newsletter

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Autumn Greetings! The temperatures are cooling and the leaves are starting to change and for many of us its back to school week for the children.  This morning found me up early making elderberry and rosehip syrup and blackberry and apple jam, delicious support for the colder months from mother nature.   I’ve been sharing some Ask Aunt Flo posts on … Read More

The Season turns again…Newsletter

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Greetings Dear Ones We have returned from our family holiday at Unicorn camp and as I wade through the washing I can feel the change in the air, autumn is definitely on its way! Whilst I’m sad to see the sunshine starting to wane it does mean its harvest time for apples and blackberries, and lots of exciting happenings as … Read More

Honour the mother, Post Partum Care…..Newsletter

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Greetings Sistars! Its been a stormy weekend here in Pembrokeshire to go with the beautiful Super Moon, how has it been for you? We’re busy getting ready to head for Unicorn Dance Camp, before we go I wanted to talk to you about what Moontimes offers for new mothers. In this weeks blog post I talk about Post Partum Care … Read More

Have You Got Attitude?!….Newsletter

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Greetings Dear Ones! I hope this finds you well and prosperous!  I’ve just returned from a wonderful weekend with my family at the Green Gathering Festival.  A nourishing time full of ideas and fun to support our planet, I’m already making plans to attend again next year and sell my wares! This week I want to tell you about my … Read More