It’s all about the pads… Newsletter

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Hello Sisters! How are you? We’re all busy settling back into the normal routine now the Easter holidays are over, which for me means sewing and packing up orders! Though I’m getting outside as much as I can, I’ve been weeding in my garden and foraging the weeds for green juices, yummy! (here’s my nettle and cleavers juice – with … Read More

Step into Spring…Moon Times Newsletter

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Sunny Greetings Sisters! It has been a glorious few days over Easter here in the wilds of West Wales, we’ve had a lovely time hunting eggs and being out on the land.  I wonder how your holidays have been? First and foremost I want to say a huge thankyou to all those who took part in the Red Tent Auction. … Read More

It’s all blooming at Moon Times! … Newsletter

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Warm greetings sisters! With the powerful equinox-eclipse-supermoon last week everything is buzzing here at Moon Times HQ! And everything is bursting into life outside as well, fantastic! Community Red Tent Auction & Raffle The Community Red Tent Auction went incredibly well, we made over £1000! Thank you so much to all those who donated items and to all who took part. … Read More

Auction Special…..see what’s on offer!

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So here we are….you get to see exactly whats on offer from all the AMAZING women who have donated their gifts to support this Community Red Tent! (Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!) To take part in the Auction do join the Red Tent Facebook event and see how it works! Here we go…the Auction Items …in no particular order! … Read More

Here comes Spring!… Newsletter

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Dearest Sisters, Spring is definitely in the air at last with longer days and (slightly) warmer temperatures! Things are busy here at Moon Times HQ and I want to say welcome and thank you to all my new subscribers, I hope you like what you find here. Have you been watching DeAnna Lams Red Tent Summit? The subject this year … Read More

Red Tent Auction… Newsletter

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Dear Sistars! I am so excited this week to be writing to tell you about our amazing Community Red Tent Auction and Raffle. The auction is happening via Facebook over the Spring Equinox weekend, 20th-21st March. We have been absolutely blown away by the generosity of our donors, there really is something for everyone and something to suit every pocket. … Read More

Welcoming in the new….Newsletter


Happy New Year Dear Ones! Welcome to 2015! It’s been such a busy start to the new year I haven’t had a chance to write to you all until now, but there are so many wonderful things happening here at Moon Times HQ I had to make time to say hi and tell you about a few things. The Red … Read More

We wish you a Merry Xmas….Moon Times Newsletter

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Hello lovely ones, So this is my last newsletter for 2014, just before we all start winding down for the festive season. At least I hope it is a winding down and not a winding up for you! Seasonally speaking this is definitely a time for going inward, taking stock, resting and preparing in the winter months until spring comes … Read More

Does your Moontime know its Xmas?….. Newsletter

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Hello My Lovelies Well I don’t think it can be denied any longer that Xmas (or Solstice depending on your preference) is just around the corner now.  I’m sure your fed up with being bombarded with bad Xmas music and flashing lights everywhere you go.  Here at Moon Times we won’t assault your senses but we can offer you some … Read More

Time to Ditch the Disposables?!… Newsletter

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Greetings Dear Ones, The weather is definitely turning on us at last, the temperatures are much cooler and you can’t help but notice that Xmas is suddenly around the corner!  Don’t forget we have a gifts section in the shop, but to be fair almost everything we sell would make a great gift for the natural woman! Our involvement in … Read More