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In response to whats going on in the world right now, on global scale, UK scale and community scale, I’ve been sitting with how we women can model a better way of being in business. I wrote a bit about this in my last newsletter– how I see the Wise Womans Way of running a business. I’ve been in business … Read More

Peri-menopause is the Calling to Yourself

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Have you heard? The journey of peri-menopause is a CALLING to THE SELF… I’ve been sitting in circles with women sharing about their rage, their insomnia, hot flushes, more rage, and they are asking how can I get though this? Well for now, my rage has subsided. I’ve released deep grief for the things ‘I thought’ I would/should/could have been … Read More

New Moon Abundance Cheques

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Click the link below to print and download your new moon abundance/manifesting cheques! Follow the instructions and put down your hearts desire. 3 cheques are included for you to cut out on the sheet. Happy New Moon! Abundance Cheques

Give Your Womb Some LOVE! …… Newsletter

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Autumn Blessings! Gosh it’s been a busy couple of weeks here at MT HQ! The best thing has been having our luscious Red Tent back up and our first gathering in it was jam packed with gorgeous wombyness! I’ve also been busy creating some organic womb packs…made to make doing a castor oil pack on your womb a LOT LESS … Read More

Hello Cervix

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Last week I was introduced to two amazing women bringing awareness to our Cervix! So let me introduce YOU to Denell at Cervical Wellness and Olivia who is part of a team at Self Cervix. Why did I find these women… well as with all womb things- if you have any issues, your GP will invariably ask you when your … Read More