Menstrual Activism

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How do we change attitudes towards Menstruation and ‘Sanitary Products’? Even if you dont fancy cloth pads- switch to organic Natracare ones- and if your local store does not supply them, demand that they do! (Chlorine-free disposables without applicators are available at most health food stores. These products shouldn’t contain deodorants, perfumes and known irritants which interfere with the natural chemistry … Read More

Moon Times moves


So we are still building our temporary premises in Pembrokeshire!! The wind and rain have made things a bit of a struggle but we hope that today it will be all ready to move in! Life feels so much more ‘spacious’ here…. pace is slower, there is more time to ponder, wander and just ‘be’. I’m relieved we’ll be all … Read More

[guest blog] mooncup poem

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Thank goodness for wonderful friends on facebook finding new friends for me who write on my kind of topics! Todays fabulous offering is from Tracey Smiths Blog- a poem about her Mooncup! 🙂 brilliant!… A New, Green Time of the Month – by Tracey Smith The time of the month was approaching, And the time had arrived to say … Read More

Sacred Flower


A Woman’s yoni, her sacred flower, is her gateway to the universal creative energies. This sacred gateway can connect you to the secrets, joys and pain in the lives of women through the world, and those who have gone before. Always remember how special, beautiful and unique your Yoni is and work to connect, heal, love and honour your blessed … Read More

Celebrating Your Moon Time!

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Celebrating Your Moon Time! By Rachael Hertogs o Contemplate your first period and be grateful to your body for all the years it has supported you and for all you have gone through – your life has brought you to where you are now! o Give your period a name that creates affirmative thoughts about it; Moon Time, my moon, … Read More

Menarche- a Journey into Womanhood

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Menarche- a Journey into Womanhood Published in Juno Magazine issue 20, Spring 2010, and an excerpt from the book  ‘Menarche a Journey into Womanhood’ by Rachael Hertogs. Rites of passage have begun to reappear in our society as we recognise the importance of honouring our young people and guiding them gently into adulthood. Ceremonies, vision quests, men’s and women’s lodges, … Read More

[guest blog] Be Creative with your Cycle by Dominique Sakoilsky

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This article is published in ‘Menarche a Journey into Womanhood’ by Rachael Hertogs. Be Creative with your Cycle by Dominique Sakoilsky Our bleeding time is a time to turn inwards- its nice to have a special place to go (this is where the tribal moon lodges came from)…here’s some ideas for you! Give yourself a space, especially for your bleeding … Read More

Menarche in Schools

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Menarche Work in Primary Schools (written 2005) Imagine a school that embraced Celebrating Menarche- a school that invited mothers of young girls to come and talk openly about the changes women face in puberty, to honour their daughters rite of passage and explore their own journey with their moon flow, a school that promoted eco sanitary wear and allowed their … Read More

Celebrating your First Moon

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Celebrating your First Moon (an exerpt from Thirteen Moons and Menarche ‘a journey into womanhood’ – both available here ) The word ‘celebrate’ comes from an ancient Greek word ‘melpo’ which means to sing, dance and praise! There are many ways to celebrate your first blood- here are a few suggestions- • Have a RED PARTY! Invite your friends and … Read More

Moon Times on Blogs and in the News!

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Read about Moon Times on peoples Blogs: One Green Earth Womens Quest Viva City Radio My Zero Waste Les Furies still raising the next generation Recycle This selfconscious posturing Questing Girl Self Sufficientish Living Ethically Dreaming Aloud Moon Times in The News! Award from Aspire magazine: The Spark Magazine: The Source Magazine: Sugar Magazine: Bristol Evening Post: Women who Make … Read More