As the veil gets thinner….

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Samhain Blessings!! I love this time of year, it’s a time of letting go….on so many levels! It’s the perfect time to hold a fire ceremony and let go into the fire of all that’s no longer serving you…or just have a bit of a clear out! Obviously it’s a time to connect to your ancestors, make an ancestor table/shrine/altar … Read More

Journeying Around the Life Spiral…..Feet Firmly on your Soul Path

Rachael CrowMusings

The Deepening Woman Journey, is a journey around the life spiral as taught to us by our mentor Gail Burkett. This is a map of womanhood, a map of our thresholds as we travel through our lives. On the Deepening Woman mentoring we will guide you back over the first threhsolds of your life using questions and journalling, shamanic journeys, … Read More

Dark Moon Rituals

Rachael CrowMoon Lodge/Red Tent, Musings

Traditionally the dark moon is a time to retreat inwards and if our moontime co-insides with the dark moon we may feel its a little easier to pull away from everyday tasks, take some quiet time and create a beautiful ritual for yourself, or to share with others. But why does this happen? What influence is the moon having on … Read More

From my Heart and Womb….Newsletter

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Hello Dearests, It’s been a busy month here at Moon Times HQ! Finally I’m feeling in the swing of school routines, finding my “me time” between work and school runs, next thing we know it will be half term! Coming up to the dark moon I experienced a powerful download of info about the importance of our heart-womb connection, which … Read More

Who Holds the Woman Who Holds The Women?

Rachael CrowMenopause, Musings, online teachings

I’ve had a tough week. Premenstrual, which in perimenopause means a ramping up of all the ‘manifestations’ – migraines, insomnia, hot flushes, night sweats, and dark, dark moods. My body is calling me to stop, to rest, to have peace and quiet, to go within. How do I let go of it all? Who can hold me so I can … Read More

Earth Prayers……Newsletter

Rachael CrowMusings

Hello Sisters, I am just landing after the most amazing trip to the isle fo Lewis, perhaps you saw my posts on Facebook and Instagram? Women from the Celtic lands and women from the USA gathered in circle, to tune into the Stones and create a full moon prayer ceremony for the Earth. The time has come for us all … Read More

Prayers for the Earth

Rachael CrowMusings

Prayers for the Earth 🌎 ♥️ Sacred Mother, Father Sky, Grandmother Moon, Mother Father God, hear my prayer. Show us the way, may we surrender to you. May we be your hands weaving love in the world sacred Mother, may we be your feet, treading gently in the world Holy Mother , may we be your eyes seeing goodness Dear … Read More

Healing ourselves, for our children and our ancestors

Rachael CrowMenarche, Menopause, Musings, Workshops

It’s time… Time we healed, time we break dysfunctional patterns, time we hand back the baggage we carry that belongs to others, time we step into our authentic selves. Don’t keep thinking someone else will do it, or everything will be OK ‘when/if….’. Now is all we have. Is anyone else feeling the intense need to get our shit sorted? … Read More

Interview for Learning Through Living Journal

Rachael CrowMusings

I was interviewed recently by Adeola Sheehy-Adekale for Learning Through Living– see the “Presence” and “Happiness” issues for this interview and my book review of “Why Does Mummy Bleed?” You call yourself an Eco Menstrual Revolutionary, what does that mean? To me a revolutionary is someone who is making changes, and i’ve been challenging women about their menstrual products for … Read More