[guest post] My Red Tent

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Sharing a beautiful description of a Red Tent group written by Brigid Brightfire We create a space, with beautiful objects, fabrics, flowers, floor cushions, rose incense, a special pampering haven. I sometimes make a red carpet out of fabric, to make people feel special as they arrive. Welcome women with open arms, share drinks, foods, chat. Bring together in a circle … Read More

Embracing Your Moon Time

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Embracing your Moon Time Rachael Crow reflects on positive menstruation published in Juno Magazine Autumn 2011  Imagine living in a culture that honoured women’s bleeding time (moon time) as sacred. There used to be a time when women’s sexuality was not separated from spirituality. These cultures understood that a woman’s bleeding time was a sacred time, a time of deep introspection, … Read More

Monthly Ritual/ Womb Prayer

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What monthly Moon Time rituals do you have? each month as I celebrate my bleed, I enter my Red Tent /Womb Space and I send healing and prayers to my womb….here’s one I’d like to share: World of the Womb My eye cannot see you. My will cannot control you. But I feel your presence, and I note your being … Read More

just a dot!

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Does your period just creep up on you each month without ‘warning’? Even though your body is giving you strong messages ‘it’s that time of the month again’ do you ignore them and then get your flow and think ‘oh yeh, that’s what all that was about!’ Just taking some time to chart your cycle- it’s as simple as putting … Read More