Monthly Ritual/ Womb Prayer

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What monthly Moon Time rituals do you have? each month as I celebrate my bleed, I enter my Red Tent /Womb Space and I send healing and prayers to my womb….here’s one I’d like to share: World of the Womb My eye cannot see you. My will cannot control you. But I feel your presence, and I note your being … Read More

just a dot!

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Does your period just creep up on you each month without ‘warning’? Even though your body is giving you strong messages ‘it’s that time of the month again’ do you ignore them and then get your flow and think ‘oh yeh, that’s what all that was about!’ Just taking some time to chart your cycle- it’s as simple as putting … Read More

[guest film] Red Tent Movie

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We are so *excited* about this movie! Red Tent Movie Trailer This is what the red tent is all about. Please watch the trailer and donate if you want to help the film maker complete her documentary, which will inspire and encourage women to start more red tents around the world!  

A Simple Ceremony

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I was reminded today of a simple womens’ ceremony that originally came from Janine Parvarti Baker: Sitting in a circle One woman turns to her left – the woman on her left faces her- they have eye contact She touchers her own eyes and says ‘Sister…. I see you’ and touches the womans’ eyes She touches her heart and says … Read More

[guest blog] A young woman’s description of her menarche

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This article is published in ‘Menarche a Journey into Womanhood’ by Rachael Crow (Hertogs). My Menarche Ceremony at Sacred Arts Camp by Ro Ocean 2006 My Menarche Ceremony this year was truly beautiful. I just wish every girl could experience what I did. The sweat lodge the night before the ceremony was just as important as the actual thing, as … Read More

Going Within

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How do We “Go Within?”
Most of us live over-committed, complicated lives, with guilt and/or income-generation as our primary motivator. Though we have precious little time in our current incarnation, it is still hard to say no to work, family or group activities that we don’t find personally meaningful. There are so many “shoulds” planning our daily schedule. So be courageous, say “No” to the things you don’t want to do, but feel obliged, clear your schedule of chores and duties, ask your family for support and take some time for yourself.

What is a moon lodge?

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A Moon Lodge … is a retreat place for bleeding women   A Moon Lodge … is where women share their wisdom   A Moon Lodge … is a place to dream   A Moon Lodge … is a place to rest   A Moon Lodge … is a place to just BE   A Moon Lodge … is a … Read More

Ask Aunt Flo…Moon Lodge Question

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Dear Aunt Flo , What exactly is a Moon Lodge? could you explain? thanks Kate. Hi Kate, well, The Moon lodge originates from the Native American Indian tradition. They honoured the moon time as sacred, it was treated with respect. The Moon Lodge is a Sacred Place for women to gather during their Bleeding Time. It was when we connected … Read More