[guest post] Red Tent Retreat in Germany with DeAnna Lam

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A Red Tent Retreat Women’s inspiration, renewal, and transformation Women are fed a diet of negativity about their menstrual cycle from a very young age. Since most women were never welcomed into womanhood, their “Inner Maiden” is left inside often embarrassed, ashamed, or afraid. As a result, many women view menstruation as a “nuisance,” “bother,” or “the curse,” thereby giving … Read More

Join Moon Times at the Danu Dance of Life Camp

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Danu Dance of Life Weekend Festival for Women & Girls July 20th – 23th 2012 Would you like to come to a weekend camp in the Herefordshire countryside dedicated to women and girls? Campfires, talking circles, singing, crafts, healing, dancing, drumming, sound healings, yoga, and many more wonderful activities. A space to be inspired, nurtured, and to deepen the bonds … Read More

[guest post] My Red Tent

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Sharing a beautiful description of a Red Tent group written by Brigid Brightfire We create a space, with beautiful objects, fabrics, flowers, floor cushions, rose incense, a special pampering haven. I sometimes make a red carpet out of fabric, to make people feel special as they arrive. Welcome women with open arms, share drinks, foods, chat. Bring together in a circle … Read More