ponders on contraception…

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Having been reading the Selling of Contraception… (see article here https://www.moontimes.co.uk/blog/2011/06/03/ ) It’s left me wondering how it came to be that women began to hand their health over to men? After a herstory (history) of women healers using their intuition, along come men and science who then take the power (remember the ‘witch’ burning?) and start feeding us drugs and … Read More

[guest blog] Cycle Of Power

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I was amazed to get this from http://www.dailyom.com/ the author wasnt credited though! Cycle Of Power Honoring Menstruation In the ancient past, as humanity began to move toward a patriarchal society, women were gradually deprived of the awareness of a wonderful gift. Previously, menstruation was considered a miraculous and cosmic event wherein women were strongly connected to all things spiritual. A … Read More

Menstrual Activism

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How do we change attitudes towards Menstruation and ‘Sanitary Products’? Even if you dont fancy cloth pads- switch to organic Natracare ones- and if your local store does not supply them, demand that they do! (Chlorine-free disposables without applicators are available at most health food stores. These products shouldn’t contain deodorants, perfumes and known irritants which interfere with the natural chemistry … Read More

Ask Aunt Flo….heavy periods

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Dear Aunt Flo, My daughter is 12 and has had her period for about a year.  She is suffering from very heavy periods and our GP wants to try her on the Pill which I am totally against ….do you have any suggestions? Ruth, Merseyside Hi Ruth, My daughter suffered from heavy periods too! A herbalist suggested a liver cleanse … Read More

Ask Aunt Flo..IBS

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Dear Aunt Flo, I’ve been suffering from IBS for a year or so- I’ve tried loads of different things- changing my diet, herbal remedies, de-stressing techniques etc. Recently my doctor mentioned that IBS can be a pre-menstrual symptom and she suggested I note when my IBS is worse- and the outcome the last 2 months has been that it flares … Read More

Celebrating Your Moon Time!

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Celebrating Your Moon Time! By Rachael Hertogs o Contemplate your first period and be grateful to your body for all the years it has supported you and for all you have gone through – your life has brought you to where you are now! o Give your period a name that creates affirmative thoughts about it; Moon Time, my moon, … Read More

Wise Moon Lodge at Quest 2010

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Last Summer, we had a stall and a Moon Lodge/ Red Tent space at the Quest Natural Health Show- such fun and fantastic reception of our products…. Moon Sponges were our best seller!!   This year we have a beautiful marquee (the Wise Moon Marquee), 9mx6m, which can hold between 20 to 40 people depending on the activity taking place … Read More

Menarche- a Journey into Womanhood

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Menarche- a Journey into Womanhood Published in Juno Magazine issue 20, Spring 2010, and an excerpt from the book  ‘Menarche a Journey into Womanhood’ by Rachael Hertogs. Rites of passage have begun to reappear in our society as we recognise the importance of honouring our young people and guiding them gently into adulthood. Ceremonies, vision quests, men’s and women’s lodges, … Read More

[guest letter] Letter to Proctor and Gamble

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This is an actual letter from an Austin, Texas woman sent to Proctor and Gamble regarding one of their feminine products. She really gets Rolling after the first paragraph. This was PC Magazine’s 2007 Editors’ Choice award-winner for the best letter sent via e-mail. Dear Mr. Thatcher, I have been a loyal user of your ‘Always’ maxi pads for Over … Read More