[guest blog] Listen to the Beat Within

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Read this beautiful blog post from Jo Macdonald– the creative director and founder of The Red Box Company which aims to make periods, and puberty, something for girls to celebrate through education, workshops and my first Period celebration Red Boxes. Here’s where you can find Jo: Website: www.theredboxcompany.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/redboxcompany Twitter: www.twitter.com/redboxcompany

Embracing Your Moon Time

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Embracing your Moon Time Rachael Crow reflects on positive menstruation published in Juno Magazine Autumn 2011  Imagine living in a culture that honoured women’s bleeding time (moon time) as sacred. There used to be a time when women’s sexuality was not separated from spirituality. These cultures understood that a woman’s bleeding time was a sacred time, a time of deep introspection, … Read More

A Simple Ceremony

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I was reminded today of a simple womens’ ceremony that originally came from Janine Parvarti Baker: Sitting in a circle One woman turns to her left – the woman on her left faces her- they have eye contact She touchers her own eyes and says ‘Sister…. I see you’ and touches the womans’ eyes She touches her heart and says … Read More

Gifts to celebrate a first period!

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If you have wondered what to buy the young woman in your life – take a look at the Moon Times Moon Maiden Menarche Celebration Kit ÂŁ35.00 Designed for young women new to menstruation. Celebrate the rites of passage by sharing this wonderful gift with the special young women in your life. Includes: 1 calico drawstring pad bag 1 Moon … Read More

Recommended Books for menarche

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as listed in ‘Menarche a Journey into Womanhood’ by Rachael Hertogs. The Seven Sacred Rites of Menarche: The Spiritual Journey of the Adolescent Girl by Kristi Meisenbach Boylan The vast majority of books on menarche-the first menstrual cycle-do not address its effect on a young girl’s spiritual journey from maidenhood to womanhood. This book outlines the seven rituals, or stepping-stones, … Read More

[guest blog] A young woman’s description of her menarche

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This article is published in ‘Menarche a Journey into Womanhood’ by Rachael Crow (Hertogs). My Menarche Ceremony at Sacred Arts Camp by Ro Ocean 2006 My Menarche Ceremony this year was truly beautiful. I just wish every girl could experience what I did. The sweat lodge the night before the ceremony was just as important as the actual thing, as … Read More