Great Rites of Passage film “The Year Dolly Parton was my Mom”

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I watched this film last night (we subscribe to The Spiritual Cinema Circle and this was March’s feature film) I totally wasnt expecting it to be an amazing rites of passage film! The film is described “It’s 1976 and Elizabeth is a painfully average suburban 11-year-old awaiting her adolescence when she discovers her whole life has been a lie. With … Read More

Join Moon Times at the Danu Dance of Life Camp

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Danu Dance of Life Weekend Festival for Women & Girls July 20th – 23th 2012 Would you like to come to a weekend camp in the Herefordshire countryside dedicated to women and girls? Campfires, talking circles, singing, crafts, healing, dancing, drumming, sound healings, yoga, and many more wonderful activities. A space to be inspired, nurtured, and to deepen the bonds … Read More

[guest post] My Red Tent

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Sharing a beautiful description of a Red Tent group written by Brigid Brightfire We create a space, with beautiful objects, fabrics, flowers, floor cushions, rose incense, a special pampering haven. I sometimes make a red carpet out of fabric, to make people feel special as they arrive. Welcome women with open arms, share drinks, foods, chat. Bring together in a circle … Read More

[guest blog] Listen to the Beat Within

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Read this beautiful blog post from Jo Macdonald– the creative director and founder of The Red Box Company which aims to make periods, and puberty, something for girls to celebrate through education, workshops and my first Period celebration Red Boxes. Here’s where you can find Jo: Website: Facebook: Twitter: