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Hello my lovelies, and isn’t it just glorious to have this sunshine? I’m out every morning doing my salutations to the sun!

It’s been an interesting couple of weeks with the solstice and full moon, it’s felt very “poky”, well I’ve certainly had some insights and awakenings! (check out this astrologer and tarot reader– she was spot on for me!) I’ve had the worst insomnia- but instead of tossing and turning I mixed a magical brew and dyed some hides, creating some gorgeous strawberry moon drums- made with an intention for deep healing! (photos below!) But my biggest insight has been in learning loads of fascinating facts about the cervix!! If you’ve been following my personal instagram account you’ll have noticed me encouraging women to connect with this little hidden part of our anatomy- and the more I connect with it and learn about it the more amazed I am! So I’ve written a blog all about it- entitled Hello Cervix! 

And I must mention its #plasticfreejuly….so take sometime to consider the disposable plastics that come in to our homes- use the power of your purse to shop in places that use less plastic packaging and encourage your friends to shop at Moon Times and have a #plasticfreeperiod ! (10%off code for first time buyers MT10%OFF)

In The Shop

July is all about Books!! Summer holiday reading …or maybe planning for next year- yes it may feel too soon- but you might want to treat yourself to next years Earth Pathways Diary and Calendar! 

And theres still a few sale copies of our Moon Times Cycle Charting Journal….it’s never too late to start charting!

This full moon I created some poky magical Strawberry Moon Drums! Check out my Etsy Shop….

On The Blog-

Who needs drugs? The Highs and Lows of the Menstrual Cycle… 

You get 2 ex addicts together and the conversation will inevitably go back to those years of excess- but get 2 ex addicts who consciously work with their cycles and you get a whole new conversation going….We are also 2 highly sensitive women who in the past used drugs and alcohol to numb out from the world and our emotions, but with a combination of over 30 years sobriety and over 30 years of conscious charting we have learned to ride the highs and lows of our cycles and use them to guide us through life….. read more


Broken Basket Woman online teaching- STILL TIME TO JOIN!!! Registration open until July 26th. To help ground you in your transformation, give you reassurance and support you in emerging as the Wise Woman you are created to be! #perimenopause #menopause #brokenbasketwoman #naturalmenopause


22nd-23rd Sept- £75- VERY limited places!! A womens all night vigil set in 100+ acres of woods here in West Wales, with cacao, sweat and fire, druming and singing with some hours of silence.

Fertility Massage in Wales!! Clare is bringing her Fertility Massage training to Cardigan, I’m helping her organise this and theres a *few* places left!! 26th – 29th January 2019. FFI on this course see Fertility Massage

To book any workshops (except the Fertility Massage) email info@rachaelcrow.co.uk

Warm wishes, Rachael xxx


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