[guest post] Herbal teas are a part of the wise woman tradition.

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Herbal teas are a part of the wise woman tradition. By Amanda Rayment For centuries women have used herbal teas to support their own wellbeing and the wellbeing of their families. There is something comforting for me in the thought that generation after generation of our sisters have honoured the cycles of menstruation, pregnancy and menopause by quietly sipping a herbal … Read More

Moon Times Charting Journal sample pages….

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Ever wondered what is in the journal?    …here are some sample pages… Moon Times® Cycle Charting Journal For women who want to chart their cycle naturally: Includes information on your cycle, your hormonal changes throughout the month, natural methods to chart your fertility and has a 400 page journal to guide you through your cycle! Set includes a moon calendar and moon … Read More

Sponges for Contraception

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Following on from my Natural Contraception post: I get asked all the time, “if I come off the Pill (remove my implant, IUD, stop my injections) what should I use?” Of course, until your cycle regulates once more (which for some women can be as little as 4 weeks, for others over 1 year) then you definately need to use … Read More

Ask Aunt Flo…nausea & pain when bleeding

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Dear Aunt Flo My daughter has had her moon time for a year or so now, but experiences such pain she vomits. Do you have any suggestions to help her ease this? Thanks for all your wisdom – Lou. Dear Lou, I am so sorry to hear about your daughter, what an awful experience of her moontime. Firstly lets address … Read More

Red Tent Movie Screening in West Wales!

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I am happy to announce a public screening of the movie The Red Tent: The Things We Dont Talk About Hosted by Rachael Hertogs and The Red Tent Under the Bluestones 11th March, 7pm (film will start at 7.30) in the main hall, Maenclochog Community Hall, Bro mair, 
Maenclochog, Clunderwen , Pembrokeshire 
SA66 7LA Women only, babes in arms welcome. To reserve a … Read More

Valentines offer….


Valentines gift to you…15% off… use the code valentine, offer valid until midnight 14th Feb! www.moontimes.co.uk

In Search of ‘Natural’ Contraception

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Unedited version of the article published in issue 30 of Juno Magazine I feel let down by medical contraception, doctors ‘sell’ it to you as a simple and convenient way to enjoy sex without getting pregnant, well that certainly hasn’t been my experience. If I asked my doctor about ‘Natural Contraception’ her response would be that the dose of hormones … Read More

Spring Newsletter

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Hello Lovelies! Isn’t it great to see the snowdrops and crocuses coming up? I am so enjoying the lighter mornings and evenings! Well I have decided that 2013 is the year my business gets a bit more attention! After Dorothy was born in 2010, and then moving and having Emrys last year its been a bit neglected in terms of … Read More

Have you read my Menarche book?

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Those of you who have my Menarche book- I’d love your comments, feedback on it….was there anything you thought of that should be included that wasn’t? more pictures, photos, art? I am updating the front cover- to a beautiful photo of a young girl emerging from a red tent and thought I may as well re-edit it at the same … Read More