Seconds & Sale Pad Sets & Panty Liners

Rachael Crow

These are sale seconds pads and panty liners

The top of each pad/panty liner is natural soft flannelette, the bottom is organic plain/ patterned cotton.

Seconds pads/panty liners have slight sewing errors, markings/stains. Some may have velcro fastening instead of press stud/poppers. Please read the notes on each variation.

Pads have 2 cotton inserts inside. (Inserts are 4 layers of organic cotton, so 2 inserts is 8 layers, plus the 2 layers of the pad= 10 layers!)

More Inserts can be bought here

Pad Bags available here

January Sale!! Newsletter

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Hello my dearests! Well I’m writing this on day 1 of my cycle…I’ve pottered and done as little as possible, and at one point I even did a live facebook video “what do you do in your moon lodge”? (I’ve never done one too these…I’m not sure what possessed me!!)…see image…this is a real woman in her ‘moon lodge’…notice the … Read More

Big Summer Sale…Newsletter

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Dearest Sistars, Greetings from very wet Wales. We’ve been having so much rain in recent weeks and although the garden is looking lush, we hope there’s more sun in store with summer holidays just around the corner! This week, we’re tempting the sun back out with our Big Summer Sale – now on!!! With offers on cloth pads, Diva Cups, … Read More

Sale at Moon Times!!


Stuck for gift ideas? check out our Clearance page for loads of pads, baby items, teas and more…all REDUCED!

Red Tent The Movie now on sale!!

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DVD Now on Sale! $25.00 Red Tent DVD store Things We Don’t Talk About: Woman’s Stories from the Red Tent is a groundbreaking 72-minute documentary film by award winning filmmaker Isadora Gabrielle Leidenfrost, PhD. Spontaneous and organic, a Red Tent is a red textile space where women gather to rest, renew, and often share deep and powerful stories about their … Read More

Reiki 1 Online Course

Rachael Crow

cost- £99 £49 HALF PRICE SALE!

Reiki will change your life…for the better….It’s an amazingly simple healing tool that is so needed in these times of change!

As you connect to the reiki energy you will become more positive and will feel it increasing your energy and expanding your creativity and openning doors which you didn’t even know exist!! All this and so much more is waiting for you!

Reiki means ‘universal wisdom and life energy’, it is also known as ‘the secret art of inviting happiness’.

It is a Japanese form of healing similar to spiritual healing where the practitioner channels divine light to aid the physical and energy body to heal. Reiki is primarily a powerful ‘self help tool’ – it helps develop a positive attitude to life, heightens intuition, increases energy and expands creativity. Reiki brings about deep relaxation, feelings of joy and well being, leaves you feeling calmer, content and serene; it helps you feel more optimistic and better able to cope with day to day stresses. For those that are sensitive and empathic, it helps strengthen the aura empowering you to brush off other peoples ‘stuff’ more easily. It is a useful healing technique for depression, anxieties, and stress related disorders such as IBS. It’s a gentle and useful tool to use with small children when they are teething, unwell and restless, it’s a wonderful way to lull them to sleep. It also helps relieve pain and release emotional traumas from the past and present. It supports recovery of addictions.

see full course info below and read loads more about reiki here

PLUS a Facebook Support Group – opens Spring Equinox March 19th  there’s a window for joining and then the group closes 1st April to create a boundary of support and intimacy) I’ll be in there offering prompts, meditations, Q&A though April and early May .

Become certificated in Reiki 1- it’s important to note Reiki 1 is not a practitioner certificate, it is for self development and a wonderful healing tool for self healing and to use on friends and family. Reiki 2 is for practitioners who wich to use Reiki as a therapy.

You will receive a comprehensive 50 page manual as well as videos, meditations, guided healing sessions, plus your distant attunement ceremony all included in the course fee.

You will also receive a traditional certificate (pdf format) once you successfully complete this course (there are 4 simple questions to answer to show you have understood the basic requirements for Reiki 1)

This course can be used as a way to enhance personal growth and/or work on any imbalances within yourself or those around you.

Unlike in-person courses, you can take the time you need to work through the materials.


I look forward to working with you!

Watch my Reiki Intro video where I talk about the reiki energy and a body meditation I will share on the course….


From my Heart and Womb….Newsletter

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Hello Dearests, It’s been a busy month here at Moon Times HQ! Finally I’m feeling in the swing of school routines, finding my “me time” between work and school runs, next thing we know it will be half term! Coming up to the dark moon I experienced a powerful download of info about the importance of our heart-womb connection, which … Read More