Ask Aunt Flo…..Healing Fibroids

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Dear Aunt Flo, I have severe fibroids that the Drs say require removing by hysterectomy, I’ve suffered heavy periods for so long, I’m fed up, but having my womb removed feels drastic? Any tips? thanks, Susan Hi Susan, firstly I wonder how old you are? Often fibroids can shrink themselves after menopause, since you mention still bleeding I’ll presume you’re … Read More

Ask Aunt Flo….my daughter gets menstrual cramps

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Dear Aunt Flo, My daughter gets terrible cramps at her moon time, she wants to take paracetamol but I would prefer we find some naturopathic techniques. Do you have any advice? Thanks Janice. Hi Janice, I thought I would put your question to the women of our Red Tent group so you can have some different options to try 🙂 … Read More

Ask Aunt Flo, talk to me about Menstrual cups…

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Hi Aunt Flo, what do you think of menstrual cups? Jane, Merseyside So menstrual cups eh? Well they are super convenient, easy to use, way healthier than a tampon and once you’ve bought one theres no more monthly tampon bills!! But I still won’t use one every day, or even every moontime. (I was never really a tampon user, after … Read More

Ask Aunt Flo…heavy periods & cloth pads

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Dear Aunt Flo, I am really interested in using cloth pads- having considered making my own in the past but not being sure how to make them absorbent enough. I have a really heavy flow and flood a lot. Are cloth pads absorbent enough to cope with this? Many thanks, Lyds Hi Lyds,  My daughter has suffered with menorrhagia (very … Read More

Summer, Abundance & Gratitude…..Newsletter

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Hello Summer Time! Finally the rain has stopped (fingers crossed) and we’ve had some glorious days, nature feels abundant and my life feels full, busy and abundant too!! Last weekend I travelled London to see one of my favourite intuitives- Lee Harris….check out his energy forecasts on YouTube! On my journey I got a strong intuition to be open to … Read More

Finding Support in Our Transitions…. Newsletter

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Hello sweet sistars, Blue Moon blessings!  Well my peri menopause journey ramped up this month with more flashes and heavy moontime bleeding, it can be easy to fall into fear when ‘symptoms’ feel unmanageable and all the mainstream support out there seems to lead to HRT. So it’s important for me to connect with women in a similar place who also … Read More

Spring is in the air….. Newsletter

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Dearest Sisters, I’m just recovering from moving house, hosting a wonderful group of women who came from far and wide to make drums with me, and our Girls Lodge on Sunday where we celebrated Imbolc with a beautiful water ceremony! Have you been watching the Red Tent Summit videos? Mine played on day 3!! Theres an amazing group of women … Read More

Drumming into Hibernation….Newsletter

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Hello Beautiful Ones! Sending you bright sunshine vibes from Pembrokeshire…oh I know, it’s wet and stormy, but hey, we all need some light in our lives! So since the last newsletter I’ve sent all the donated cups to Hestia (see below), we celebrated our youngests 3rd birthday (with a wheat free-sugar free chocolate cake!) and I took part in an International … Read More

Felted Super Soft Merino Wool Pads!!

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IMAGE- wool pads dry on the line! Order from Moon Times Shop Or email us to discuss colours and designs! These pads are handmade to order, they are completely unique, one of a kind designs. Delightfully different, wool pads are breathable, snug and comfy and most important-super absorbent. Wearing them leaves you feeling as if you are floating on a puffy cloud! … Read More