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Since taking over Moon Times in early July 2020 we have been working away behind the scenes. We are now ready to take your orders and look forward to supporting you on your health & well being journey.  There will be some changes and new products added over the weeks and months ahead and we are very grateful for your support & feedback. 

Joanne & Orla x

Here at Moon Times we want to empower you in body appreciation, environmental awareness and self-respect through the use of eco menstrual products, self care and natural womb wise medicine.

We believe we deeply appreciate learning about alternative and positive ways to think about our bodies and especially our cycles! My Washable Organic & Patterned Cloth Pads & Panty Liners, Moon Pants, Moon Sponges & Cups are becoming more and more popular; they are the comfortable & safe alternatives to disposables; free from bleaches, irritants and chemicals!

We also stock many other products for cycle charting, moon lodges and red tents, offer On-Line Sharings, Visualisations and distant healing.

Many of our products will last for years and save you money- being kind to your purse whilst being kind to the planet! Don't miss the SALE items!

Reusable menstrual products are safer for your body and more cost effective; they are not a step back in time but a positive step towards our planet's well being!


Cloth Pads & Moon Pants

Moon Times Cloth Pads & Moon Pants are the soft and comfortable alternative to disposable pads! Our cloth pads are hand made from breathable cotton, leaving you feeling confident & fresh, the come in an array of sizes and colours with inserts to suit all flows. . .


Cups & Sponges

Menstrual cups and Sponges are environmentally friendly and comfortable alternative to ‘disposables’! Jam Sponges and Moon Sponges are natural (unbleached) sea sponges. Sponges have been used by women for thousands of years!


Panty Liners

Moon Times Cloth Panty Liners are for the lighter days at each end of your moontime, and are suitable for slight incontinence. Patterned, coloured and organic panty liners are made from soft flannelette and they fasten quickly and easily with a small press stud! Colours and patterns vary.



Womens wisdom books, charts and calendars that support you in charting your cycle.

Cards and Gifts

Cards & Gifts

Gift sets for friends, sisters, mothers, young women starting their period, and lots of other lovely things for your Moon Time and Moon Lodge....

Online Teachings

Online Sharings

I’m thrilled to be offering some online “Deepening Woman” tools so women can participate in the wisdom shared in my journey circles. I have been holding and facilitating workshops and classes, including rites of passage ceremonies for over 20 years.