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Well my dearests,
Big changes, deep processes and huge surrenderings have been happening for me since we last connected…
Some of you may have seen my latest health update video on my social media and if not, here I am…in all my vulnerability, for those who have watched and sent me messages…a HUGE THANK YOU from the DEPTHS of my HEART.


You know it’s been a long surrender for me, surrendering to allow myself to be held, helped, supported, loved…..surrendering to letting go- of so many things… and work is one of them, so in the next few months you may see some changes as Moon Times gets taken over …there will be an update and intoduction to the new owner soon…watch this space!
I really feel its time I let go of periods, pads, cups, womb work, allow the next generation to step in, make space for whatever is next for myself to come in….

So this is a big thank you to all those who have supported me, my little business, my on going journey, it’s not over, just at a threshold…and thats my work, leading women through lifes thresholds, this time life is leading me …

I’m slowly separating out myself, my work, my offerings from Moon Times, so do keep in touch, i’ll be on my social media, I’m creating a new mailing list, and just holding space for what will be….

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