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Dearest ones,

I’m integrating a massive awakening that’s happened to me the last couple of weeks, well probably the last few years…haha, and I’ve decided I’m stepping down from “teaching” … instead I will now SHARE my tools, sit in circle and SHARE what I know and LISTEN to what you know, I will midwife your drum, and empower you to take it in to YOUR energy and learn from it YOUR way, using your own MEDICINE.

It’s time we step away from the patriarchal guru /teacher system where you pay someone to teach you what you know deep inside…. It’s time we step up, create community, ask your sisters and brothers to hold the girls and boys with you, co-create beautiful gatherings, full moon groups, mother daughter groups, father son groups, gather in red tents, moon pause lodges… Gather the tools and do it yourself!

My work all along has been to EMPOWER people to step up and create ceremony, ritual, hold space, go within LISTEN TO YOUR INNER WISDOM and I’m happy to share the tools I have to continue to support people in reclaiming their Soul Skins and creating magic in their communities!




So while i’m integrating all of what’s been going on for me, I just want to let you know about a few opportunties to create ceremony with me, connect and collaborate with me and also to let any new followers know where they can find me on line and on social media.

Coming up over the next few months-

Ritual Tattooing in Bristol May 31st and Wales, July 5th- limited spaces left.

Drum Making in Wales- April 4th, grab a place quick!

If I get enough folk interested, i’m going to add another day onto the Drum Making on Sunday 3rd May, Moreton, Leominster, contact me if you may be.

Plus all my online Sharings, meditations, drum journeys, (I’ve had amazing responses to my perimenopause womb meditation– thank you all who have enjoyed it!) Plus you an connect with me on Patreon

I look forward to connecting, sharing, creating communtiy, and I send you lots of love, love, love!


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