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Women ask:

– How do I launch a Red Tent?

– How can I reach more women?

– How can I SUSTAIN my Red Tent & GROW it?

I’d like to point you to some solid answers!

Like You, women around the world

yearn to hold Red Tents.

But – Desire isn’t enough…

Women begin with a Bang

and then – run Out of Ideas,

get Discouraged, or Burn Out…

Women Need HELP

Launching and Sustaining Red Tents!

My colleague DeAnna L’am,

founder of Red Tents In Every Neighborhood,

who trained women in over 30 countries,

has designed a new, comprehensive Online Program

to help you Launch, Grow, and Sustain a Red Tent —

for the long run!

This is for You, if you:

– Never held a Red Tent

– Tried to hold one and got discouraged

– Are holding a Red Tent & wish to take it to the Next Level

We need Red Tents

to be Accessible to ALL Women & Girls,

in ALL cultures,

ALL year round,

and –

we need women like You to HOLD them!

Women committed to:

Nourishing themselves

Supporting other women

and making an honorable living

Are you one?

Click HERE  to read more about DeAnna’s RED TENT ACADEMY

Rather than be swallowed by despair about the state of the world —

You can make a Difference!

It is clear that our world will be transformed by women

and if you always wanted to be part of the Change –

NOW is Time to Act!

Click HERE  to check out the RED TENT ACADEMY


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