Here we go again!

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Hello my Loves,
It’s been an emotional time for me, after my video aired on the Red Tent Summit (thanks to everyone who watched and commented!)  I held my last drum making in my yurt as she goes in to storage for a while, and our last Red Tent circle…it’s continuing, but at another venue. I’ve got close friends facing massive life decisions and health crisis, some days it feels so overwhelming, but I keep coming back to community and love. When the ripples of these incidents hit a community they pull us together, in love, unity, prayers, healing… ♥️
So as a light worker, I hold a space for healing every Sunday eve- 9pm for all who need healing, so feel free to join this practice with me, sending or recieving…for health, healing, love, kindness, sharing and community….. world wide. Join the web of light. Together we are stronger. For all our relations. ♥️ 🙏🏻

So on Sunday we were sharing in our Red Tent circle and I was talking about how we “market ourselves” and how we need to just be truthful, honest and authentic, be ourselves! Which got me thinking, how do I “market” myself- so the next morning I wrote a list of how I see myself…I’m an anarchist, feminist, activist, rebel…. and thought “Jeez, I dont know how to make all that attractive!!” I turned on my computer to come up with a fancy Facebook post about my latest course and there it was…already written for me – thank you Universe! (and Ems who wrote it!!)
Here we go….
“I’ve got friends who are feminists, friends who are environmentalists and friends who are activists. I even know some amazing feminist environmental activists! If you identify as any of the above, I highly recommend taking the Love Your Period course, which I took last year, run by my wonderful friend Rachael Crow. Here’s why:

– For Feminism: The taboo around periods is something we are all affected by. Ignorance and lack of understanding leads to fear and the need to dominate and control – from the erosion of reproductive rights in the US to children dying in isolated menstruation huts in Nepal. The more we understand our own bodies, the stronger we are in the fight against sexism.

– For the environment: learning about your cycle is an amazing opportunity to learn about reusable menstrual products – sponges, cups, pads and pants, there’s so much more on offer than non-biodegradable throwaway crap!

– For activism: being an activist isn’t just about waving a sign at a march. It’s about being active in our own lives, taking back control of our health from a hierarchical medical profession and a corrupt pharmaceutical industry. Knowing your cycle means less dependence on hormonal birth control, improved mental health and living more in tune with the cycles of nature that we are an intrinsic part of.

International Women’s Day is coming up on 8th March…why not get one of the incredible women in your life a place on this course as a thank you for being the wonderful creature she is?!

It’s time to get seriously radical, and there’s nothing more radical than loving your period!”

I’ll be supporting this with a Facebook group – which closes on 2nd March, so join now for access to my online hand holding with live vids, encouragement, propts, mini womb connections and more… all the course materials!

What else am I offering…

Theres still places on The Moon Pause Retreat with Jayne and I.

Ritual Tattooing in Bristol and Wales

Drum Making in Wales.

Plus all my online teachings, meditations, drum journeys, or why not connect with me on Patreon?

I look forward to connecting, creating communtiy, and I send you lots of love and health!

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