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Hello and wow!!! It’s the end of a decade …. 2020 is almost upon us!!

Do you feel the shift in energy? We are stepping in to the birth of a new decade, and I’ve so much to offer you…first hude gratitude to those who joined me in my Release and Renew practices, these will stay open for the next week! If want to work with me in 2020, there are many opportunities…

I have a new Patreon page where you can pay a small monthly donation and recieve weekly healing, plus other practices to stay centred, prayers to support us all in staying open, abundance exercises, drum journeys and more… the time of change is upon us, you and I have been born into exciting times, together let’s create healing and change! Join me here

My Red Girl Teachings are open (only until Jan 2nd…so be quick!)- lets re-write our her-story by going back, healing our inner maiden, celebrating her first blood, empowering her with cycle awareness tools so we can feel fully empowered and ready for when our daughters, neices, granddaughters time comes to be celebrated! Includes 2 months of support in our Facebook group.

It’s a privilidge to be asked to join DeAnna’s Red Tent Summit once more, join me and many amazing speakers in this free online summit…Many rivers flowed since Anita Diamant wrote The Red Tent in 1997. Women awakened to the need to find places to go to, when they bleed… Most women heard of Red Tents, been in one, or even hosted them! It’s time for the next step: it’s time to ACCELERATE the Red Tent Momentum! I’m honored to be part of a circle of women experts, gathered by my colleague DeAnna L’am, to inspire you to create and expand the Red Tent Momentum in the world!

To work with me in person this year, join Jayne Power and I at our Creative Moon Pause Retreat–  27th- 29th March 2020, at the beautiful West Wales Sound Healing Centre, we will gather in a beautiful roundhouse, their chapel dedicated to the divine feminine, and stay in luxury accomodation….all for just £250 early bird price Jan 30th, limited places, so book on! £50 Deposit secures your place! We will immerse ouselves in SoulCollage, make a Moon Pause Medicine Bundle and end with a death ceremony! There will be a sound bath, time for silence and reflection as well as circle sharing. email to book on

In my shop….Diaires and Calendars, Moon Charts and Lunar Calendars are all reduced only a few left now… I’ve got new Drums painted by Suzi Edwards, plus coming soon… drums made in the portal between the eclipses and in the galatic portal….made to support our evolution!  Drum making kits with a tutorial video also avaliable.

I look forward to working with you in 2020! As we step over the threshold into 2020, take care of your energies, stay gounded, eat plants and watch who you share your energy with!

Loads of love, light and positivity!

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