Release & Renew Online Teaching

Rachael Crowonline teachings

A mini teaching with meditations, work book, ceremony and creative medicine card activity to ground you, support you and prepare you for the new energies of 2020….♥️

Cost- sliding scale £10- £30

Join me at this time to release the old and clear the way for the birth energy of the new year.

Trust your soul has a plan, and the soul of our country, and the soul of our Earth Mother.

It’s madness month with the crazy politics and Xmas season plus some astrological shifts so it’s a time to prioritise self care, staying grounded, being in your centre, knowing your truth… Working on your shit, balancing the shadow work with the light work. Personally, I avoid the news, the politics and the Xmas madness…Opt out and stay in the vibration of love ♥️ Keep healing and keep grounding and join my Release and Renew session to learn more about the coming energies of 2020 and tools to keep you balanced in this time of change . I’m so looking forward to launching this one… ♥️ Rachael xx

This on line teaching includes-

A PDF workbook with releasing practices

Meditation videos to ground and release

Energy forecast with tips to hold your centre

Video of creating medicine cards to work with

Once paid for you will receive a confirmation email with a password to the online teaching page with all the resources.

Sign up here…